Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Does Hubby Know...

So- someone asked if my Hubby knows about my blog and if so, does he read it.  I wanted to write this answer in a post so that you got it...

YES- he knows

YES- he reads it

(look...we were young, playful and in love... it will be 10 years next month...)

He says- if it makes you feel better to bash me in your blog, cool.  He says he's ok with it and you know what, I believe him.  The problem with that is this: he thinks I'm just venting and that there are no issues between us.  He is a man and as one, they tend to forget why we get mad.  Now, I'm not sure how many other women out there get frustrated with their hubby's and how many don't.  I'm sure we all get angry and/or frustrated to some kind of degree.  My hubby and I have always been like this.  While I may be realizing that I don't like 'us' like this, he continues to think that there are no issues and we are perfectly content.  Perhaps my fault b/c I do not actually make an effort to sit down with him and discuss.  Perhaps partly his fault for not realizing what's been going on between us.  I do believe that we can work 'Us' out...but I'm still working on how to do that!! 

Perhaps some communication???  Perhaps more time spent with each other away from the kids (sooooo hard to do these days)??? 


But, for now, we are trying to be 'overly' nice to each other in the attempt that it will become real again.  Read this in a magazine...who knows, maybe it will work.  But, you must also know that HUNTING season is upon us and I just completely LOATHE it!!  And so, we may not be able to really work on anything until this damn season is over b/c I fear I have too much resentment about this obsession he has.  And, he thinks it's not an obsession but merely a hobby...

So, that's what I have to say about that!!  Can't wait for our drive down to NC...trying to get some stuff/games together for the kids to do in the car...

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