Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Family Affair... First Ever Camp Out!!!

Yes...This Family went to a Backyard Camp Out last night and we ALL had a GREAT time.  OK, so we were in someone's backyard and I actually didn't sleep in a tent, but everything else was like actual camping out...LOL... well, maybe not everything.. but, we went there as a family, we stayed over as a family, and we had F-U-N!!

I've never in my life been camping.  Well, actually, now that I say that, I have been camping.  ha ha  It was called Girl Scout camp... we walked about a mile away from the actual camp (where we slept on wooden platforms with beds and no walls) to pitch tents, make a fire, carry our gear and sleep outside.  Yup, that was a long long time ago and I don't think I really ever wanted to go after that.  Last night I could definitely do.  And, I think I could do the 'real' campsite thing if we had a camper...maybe.

Lots of families were there, lots of kids for our kids to play with, lots of food, and did I mention lots of fun??  Hubby had a good time and thinks we should definitely make this into a yearly thing.  So, that's 2 things this summer that we have done as a family and had some fun doing it.  WOW...what is this world coming to??  We will have to keep it up!!  I love it when we do this crazy shit:)  Even Franny had fun...she crawled/walked around eating leftover food, drinking juice boxes that were wrecklessly abandoned by the older kids, and tried sooooooo hard not to fall asleep.  Max kept up with the big kids as long as he could.  We think he was a bit delirious by the end of the night.  Kyra hung out with the BIG girls and DJ just ran around being a boy and not getting into too much trouble. 

And so, I will leave you with some pics of us and our 'campgrounds'...Have a great night:)

Thanks to my good friend over at for hosting!!!  You ROCK :)


  1. She is a wonderful hostess....You are lucky to have found such a great friend and person...4 more days and a wake up..

  2. We had a great time and I am so glad you guys joined us! We will be making this an annual event...peace to your night and safe travels on Friday!