Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Field trips, honesty, happiness and family...

So, can we honestly put all of those words into one topic??  Gosh, sometimes I think not.  But, let's try, ok??

Our field trip this year took us about 12 hours!!  Yup, that's right...I think that's some kind of record for us.  And, that's with 4 at 5:30AM and arrived around 5:30 PM...made only 1 pitstop.  How, you ask, did we manage that one...I really have no idea.  But, I will say that putting diapers on all the kids and packing their snack/food bags for each one helped.  (Ok, so we didn't put diapers on all of them but it is tempting sometimes).  We did pack food bags for each kid in which they got cereal, snacks and a drink, napkins and their own garbage bag (those bags meant for dirty diapers worked well for this).  Now, only 1 child actually used that garbage bag, but I guess it's better then none, right??

Trip started out rocky and both adults were tired and cranky.  I hadn't finished all the stuff I wanted to finish (yeah, I was a dork this trip and made up a binder of lots of things to learn and do while on our trip) and Franny girl didn't want to sleep and being sick for a day means things on my to-do list got bumped to a day when I didn't have lots of time. 

Random middle of the post thought: Corner Deli sucks sometimes!!  How do you screw up 2 coffees and how disappointing it was to drive away before you realize it??  I even ordered one, waited for the lady to make it, and then ordered the 2nd one.  Because you see, I like dark and sweet while he likes light with splenda... Mine was light with some kind of sugar substance and his was dark with no sugar of any kind in it. 

OK- so back to trip at hand...I know hubby and I really aren't on the same page these days and are often yelling at each other...but these past few days have not been fun ones.  And 5:30 in the morning with a long day ahead and now shitty coffee was not a good start.

Today, the kids went to a wrestling show at a local school for some kind of charity.  Now, I really don't mind the whole charity thing.  But, really??  Wrestling??  I am not looking forward to DJ and Max trying to 'wrestle' each other and imitate the moves.  And, had I known that this is where my children were gonna go, I probably would have said no.  But, what do we do when their 'grandparents' want to take them somewhere and you really don't want them to go but to keep the peace you just let them go and figure out you'll deal with the consequences??  And consequences I mean DJ will now be adding wrestling moves to his already moving all the time gymnastics moves.  And instead of Max trying to do flips off the couch, he will be playing jump off the couch to land on my opponent wrestler game (already going on).  And for the record, I thought maybe there was a little town fair or something that they were being taken to.  What are your thoughts on wrestling??

Honesty- I sometimes suck.  Yup, I said it.  I have become this person I don't want to be...a mom I am not liking and probably a wife who is resentful and holds grudges.  And so, I need to now figure out the person I want to be and move on.  I am the only one who can change me, right??  I can't keep blaming the surrounding factors in the world and not doing anything about it.  I am the only person who can make me a better person.  Happiness comes from within us and I need to find that happiness again for I fear I've lost it. I don't know where it's gone but I want it back.  So, here's to finding happiness and letting go of resentment and grudges.  Wow, that sounds so easy when I put there in writing...ha ha ha.  So, on top of my good hubby quality per day, I'm also going to try and write my 'happiness' thought of the day.

Family- we can't pick our family can we??  so, we need to learn to accept and move on...why is that so difficult to do??  I wish I was one of those people who could just accept things and not let it bother you.  I really hate those people sometimes, don't you?? But, at the same time, I'd love to just be a little like them, you know??
Family vacation- how is it a family vacation when you still have to do everything you do at home and then some??  I mean, there's still kids to be fed, changed, bathed, bedded on top of the travel, packing, cleaning house before you leave, cleaning out car, extra calming the kiddies down for bed...yadda yadda yadda   (and just so you know, I will be pissed at hubby most of this week b/c he will be on vacation and I will get angry that he is not helping me with everything else).  And so, a real family vacation should be called:

Mommy's Workation while everyone else vacations...LOL

On a positive note, I was able to go get my hair done today.  Hubby 'likes the color' and I was only able to get his reaction after I asked him how he liked it.  You know, he's so done with short hair.  Kyra thinks it's really weird.  And that's about all I got out of 'em. 

I leave you with this final thought of the day:  My daughter is going to be a trendsetter...yup, that's right...she's going to be on the forefront of a new 'drug' for the kiddies- AirFreshenerSmellers!!  She is going to be addicted to smelling air fresheners...she just can't stop smelling them...I can't stand them but I guess whatever floats your boat, right!!  ha ha ha ha

Positive hubby thought- he watched Franny girl so I could go get my hair done even if he doesn't like it

Random thing that makes me happy (gonna try to make this something that doesn't involve being a mom/wife at the beginning):  vanilla milkshakes from Friendly's


  1. Most wives and mothers I know have exactly this complaint. (There are probably some who don't but I haven't met them). Sometimes stepping away from a responsibility that they have to then pick up makes them see what is involved and then they step up to the plate. Of course you can't not do what the kids need. Not an excuse for male blindness but it does seem to be a guy thing.

  2. Dawn girl...I am so with you on the vacation's no real vacation ever for us moms unless we are away from our home and have no kids in tow. It is our "job" nevertheless and we do it with so much love, pride and a smile on our faces, most of the time! I can't complain because Eric is a huge help, but not always and there are times when even I, super mom, pull my hair out! lol....I hope your vacation is enjoyable and we waved to you all on S.C. on our way thru! LOL Love to you