Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, August 15, 2011

In-laws...and Dollar Stores

Oh, let me tell you how much I love it when my in-laws come for a visit... go on, start laughing now and I'll start at the very beginning:)

My in-laws like to come up for a visit pretty much every single sunday.  Yes, they do miss some of them, but they are here A LOT!!!  They say it's to see the kids but I think it's to get out of their house and sit on someone elses couch and have someone else make them a big huge meal that they don't have to clean up after (and I'm talking like a full out old-fashioned sunday dinner)... oh, and to find new things to complain about.  Here are the standard things I hear when they come:

- Clap Paddy's... (now this is directed to Francesca...though, it's been said to all of my children)
- Oh, who loves you... PopPop loves you
- Why don't you want to sit with you not love me anymore???
- Oh, are you spoiled sitting on Mommy's hip
- We brought you dinner (oh, you know, they bring the 'raw' ingredients for us to cook...)
- What do you mean you don't like the chocolate donut... you said you liked chocolate and I bought you an ALL chocolate donut so you have to eat it...What do you mean you aren't eating the know I bought those just for you...blah blah blah

You see...when my FIL is here, it is all about him and what he has brought my children or us and he needs to say it LOUD and lots of times.  Today, he thought he'd bring us some chicken for our freezer and 8 jars of Goober (you know, the PB&J stuff mixed in 1 jar).  Yes folks...8 of them.  Because he feels the need to 'buy' my children these days.  And the donuts that never get eaten fully are always a must.  It's a GREAT lunch for my kids...wondering when he's gonna bring Franny Girl her own donut...LOL

Oh, and thank goodness my MIL doesn't go out and talk to the neighbors these days.  I wonder what she'd say to them...b/c you know she used to talk to them about me when we first started.  You know, like my table is always sticky (yes, I know, it's a problem around here), and I don't have many friends so if they could stop by and be my friend that would be great.  ha ha ha...yes, I hold grudges... but she gets annoyed when I actually do my 'chores' or run errands when they are here... you know, they are here to 'see' the kids, not ME.  And yes, if I'm going to nurse my baby, I'm going to do it somewhere else...not sitting in my living room with both of them watching!!  So BOO!!!  OK...I think I'm done!!  It was just so nice that they hadn't come up for awhile this summer...

We are leaving for vacation this Friday, so I had lots to do today.  One of those things was to go to the dollar store and grocery shopping!!  How does one spend $43 in a dollar store???  LOL... I am trying to make the drive this year more FUN!!  We are going to play games, earn prizes, and they are going to have lots to do... ha ha ha  We will all see how that goes now won't we:)  I barely spent $$ on groceries for this week...mostly on stuff for the trip.  So, I will have to be very creative with meals and snacks this week..ha ha ha...I say we starve until we get into the truck on Friday morning!!

Now, I still have lots to do.  But I have to say we had a very good hubby today!!  He says I don't put any of the good stuff in here, so here goes:  I left to do my shopping and he did get Max's sheets off his bed, washed/dried and towels were washed/dried/folded.  He also put the chicken in the oven when he was supposed to!!  Go Hubby!!  I think the FIL peeled and cut the potatoes and took the husk off the corn (something he would NEVER help his wife with...but for some reason he feels the need to do this in my house).  However, they all neglected to feed Franny Girl while I was gone...but she did eat lots and lots at dinner... chicken, carrots, mashed potatoes, corn, puffs (it was like I couldn't feed her enough..

Oh crap, the power just flicked on and I can't finish watching my show.  You see, the problem with not having DVR and some of your shows not being on the internet to watch is that you wind up watching them at midnight b/c they don't show as repeats every other day...ha ha ha oh, back on...yeah!!

All right, Franny knows Kyra is in the room with her... and she knew before that Kyra was gonna be in there you know... she was tough to put down and she started crying out a little while ago (just so you know, I left her and she did continue sleeping).  But, Kyra is in there with her so I hope they both sleep.

And, I hope the truck is ok and there isn't too much wrong with it!!!  Please hope with me!!

OH- in light of my 10 year wedding anniversary coming up, I have decided to write a good thing about my hubby instead of just a random thought...perhaps reminding myself what I do Love about him.

Good thing about hubby: He will bathe our kids (even if he complains sometimes, he does it).


  1. I hope I am not in the same category as the in laws...LOL
    Go Doug, doing laundry and bath's awesome job.. Well I am praying that there is nothing major wrong with truck as it is a long walk to NC.. 3 more days and a wake up:)

  2. your gonna hate me - but I wish I had a MIL she is deceased) or any kind of relatives or a mom who wasn't always sick so as your good friend - (I hope) please try to count your blessings sometimes as hard is it may be - think of those of us who have NO family to annoy us!!! Please don't be mad...just think about the fact that my kids NEVER see their grandparents....XOXOXO - please no hard feelings.....