Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, August 8, 2011

Momma said they'll be days like this...

Oh boy...what a day.  Started off great but I know getting back into the whole school routine is NOT going to be FUN!!!

The 3 older kiddies started Vacation Bible School today.  Max was sooooooooo excited to be able to stay and participate.  He is always so sad when he doesn't get to stay with the 2 Big kids or he doens't get to do what they get to do.  So, I was excited for him.  And, it was his first 'class' type setting w/o me.  It's always been me and him in the library for like 40 minutes.  But, today, he stayed for 3 whole hours w/o me.  And, he did GREAT!!!  I have to say, all of my kiddies have always been ok with going to any kind of 'school' setting.  They have all walked into classrooms w/o a look back.  I don't get the kids who cling to your leg or cry or even look back to wave good-bye.  I don't even get hugs when they go in.  (I know, Franny Girl won't disappoint me...ha ha ha).  And so, I know he will be just fine for school in October!!  Yeah Max.
(dirty max...)
Franny and I got some alone time before Baby J came...I know, it feels like forever since he's been here, right???  He came in sleeping and I was finally able to get Franny asleep.  She was woken up this morning before she was really ready...I love waking a sleeping baby and watching their reactions.  Yeah, but then I wish they would go back to sleep so they aren't she definitely was today!! So, I got like 30 minutes snuggled with her while we both 'rested'.

Ah yes...let the fun times to p/u the big kiddies.  Fed them a 'healthy' lunch...yes, today it definitely was a healthy one...I am not being sarcarstic...I swear!!  Baby J got picked up...and I just went to town on cleaning.  I think I got so sick of the stickiness in the 'eating' area and the extra table set-up just collects STUFF!!!  And so, we cleaned.  And yes, WE cleaned.  I had Kyra scrubbing the chairs and DJ washing windows!!  So, that was good...but alas, Franny was not cooperating and Max was trying to ask a million questions and Kyra had smooshed dirt in his head and tried to rinse it out so she wouldn't get in trouble and DJ wouldn't sit and do his book report and Max started running around the house and I was trying to finish the cleaning, look info on the computer and figure out what to feed the monsters...Franny was crying at my feet...DJ was doing handstands instead of his math that he had moved on to, Kyra was taking her sweet time writing out 'I will not put dirt in Max's hair' 20 times...had to get out of the house by like 5:30...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
(Franny at the dancing practice..)
OK- we got out and stopped for the really healthy meal of the day ( I'm being sarcrastic) at Wendy's...before going to try and help some young tarts the style of Swing Dance.  Yes, you heard it here first, I am teaching some kids (ok, they're like 16) Swing Dancing.   Ha ha ha ha.  I had to look up the steps on line today so that I remembered what to do with them... that went well...I think.  I have to go back Wednesday night for review:)
(Max driving a golf cart while I taught those kids)
And so, I am finally alone in my living room (Franny went down late due to a catnap on the way home from the 'dancing')...and boy, does she not go down well.  So much for backing up the time of her going to bed...

OK...Now I find a mindless show and relax for a bit before I go to bed.  Franny is sleeping earlier and through the night...but my brain hasn't caught up to that notion yet...

Random thought- I HEART Dancing  (really I do...and I just miss it all the time)

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