Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family Driving Vacations- A Top 10 List

OK- so we are home from vacation (have been since Friday night...3 days early), Irene has come and gone (though there are some winds sticking around) and now we deal with clean-up (I will have another list for how to survive a hurricane next).

And so, without further ado, here is a list all about family vacations and driving (what to do, expect, not do, etc)

1. Now matter how prepared you are to keep the kids entertained, you will never be prepared enough!!
(these activity bags lasted a different time for each kid...Max's was torn off the seat and contents thrown all over the car within an hour)
But, the links were a pretty cool thing to keep us on track...we took one off every hour (as we got closer every half hour) and we all had guesses as to how long it would take us...kept Kyra from asking how much longer 50 million times..

2. Always expect traffic, delays, etc.  And, if, you make really good timing one way, always expect to make the worst time on the way back:)  That being said, I think every child adds an additional hour to your travel time!!  So, if it takes you 10 hours to get somewhere before kiddies and you now have like 4 kiddies, your new travel time will be 14 hours!!  LOL

3. Pack lots and lots and lots of food but just know that it will never be enough for the little mongers ... they will always want more!!  And, no matter how hungry they are, they will never eat the meal you stop for!!  Oh, and don't go through the trouble of making each kid their own little snack bag (see above pic) as they will eat everything w/in the first hour of your trip.  Oh, and just b/c you think those squeezy applesauces are a good idea b/c you don't need a spoon in the car...think again...)

4. If you should leave early in the morning (I'm talking 5-6 AM or earlier) don't expect them to just go back to sleep...they won't and they will be cranky for the rest of the day!!!

5. For some reason, while on vacation your children will listen better.  Don't expect that to last... the minute you step back into your own home they will immediately lose their hearing!!

6. Diapers and Duct Tape  ...  'nuff said

7. If your child(ren) don't poop during the entire ride, wait for the huge huge huge diaper changes the next day!!

8. So you just sleep trained your baby???  ha ha ha ha ha ha (this is maniacal laughing)   It will all go out the window the second you put that child in the car and start driving.  Oh, and it won't come back willingly when you come back!!  Yes, we have to start re-training Franny girl...AGAIN!!

9. French fries and Pizza are great vacation foods!!  Just be prepared for the detox once you get home...

10. When all else fails, just drink...lots...and HAVE FUN!!!

Random thought- did you know Goober now makes a mix of Peanut Butter and Chocolate???

Couldn't find a picture of the chocolate version...but I have it and will let you know how it tastes... (just imagine where the jelly is that there is chocolate)  and if my camera was working I'd take a pic of my jar...

Good hubby thing- He was resigned to the basement being flooded and pumped it w/o complaint today

What makes me happy- I like it when people acknowledge the things I've done for them...yes, I like to be told thank you and good job and stuff, don't you???

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