Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My day in Prose

This is how my day went... in prose tonight...enjoy (you have to kinda sing it...if you want it sung, call me..LOL)

Wake up way too early
Kyra still has fever
Max bit Francesca
No time to shower
Minutes late to doctor
Glass table comes apart
Tear through the toys
Franny bad hair day
Listen to the murmur
Truck still a-thumping
Big kids in the car
Babies in the cart
Forgot Kyra's motrin
Franny on her face
Franny in the wall
DJ off the wall
Power Rangers in my pants
Kyra still with fever
DJ cleans a room
Oh, and he vacuums
Breakfast is for dinner
Sausage Pancakes and Frenchtoast 
Lotion squirted on Franny
Max smeared it in
Franny slips all over
Lamp crashes down
Bulb just exploded
Boys all a buzz
Shower off the hair
Laundry tossed all over
Dishes still not done
Max in his bed
Max out of bed
Max back in bed
Franny biting my belly
Kyra still has fever
DJ/Kyra go to bed
Laundry getting folded
Franny wants a boob
Franny wants another boob
Franny finally asleep
Glass of wine ready to drink
Dishes still not done
Holy cow my armpits smell
Oh this wine is good
Dishes for tomorrow
Shower in the morning
Echo on the heart
Pack up our bags get the point... some pics of the day (didn't get the haircut pics...just too much going on...will take pics of the buzz cuts tomorrow...and had I known it was lotion and not throw-up all over Franny girl I probably would have taken that picture so just imagine her sliding all over the place b/c she's greased

 This is the glass table that DJ 'unscrewed' while waiting for Doc (oh, and the whole top of that glass table came tumbling down)

 Max all hooked up (nurse let all kids listen to his heart too...anatomy lesson)
How many kids can you strap in a cart??? At least 4!!
Power Ranger Max to the rescue (can't you tell that's a gun in his diaper??)

Here's the good thing about my hubby for the day: He folds laundry:)

Hope you enjoyed my madness for the day!!  Let's see what's in store for tomorrow..

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  1. I've enjoyed reading the positive hubby comments you've been throwing in there. I bet he has too. ;)