Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hate is such a strong word...

And so, I will say that I really really really don't like my husband sometimes!!  Can I also say that I don't like his mother b/c she's the one that raised him???  But, how can you not like a little old lady who just likes to talk???  I know, these things always come to surface when I do go to work on Thursdays and come home...and sometimes other days too...but mostly I get pissed off at him on these days.

Here's why: I called him to say I was leaving (late) from work...and he wants to know if he can go shoot his bow when I get home.  But, the way he says it is this: I know you have to make dinner when you get home but can I go outside and shoot my bow.  Now, I know I told him we were having pasta for dinner.  So, why didn't he start making dinner??  I have no clue.  I could have said no...but in true 'ME' fashion, I said sure, go ahead.  And then, I sit a mull about it and get even more pissed off at him.  He thinks nothing of it and things we are all ok after like 5 minutes...but, I still can't stand him right now.

Last night, we were all out when he got home.  And, I had to feed them quick before I left and get out the all the dinner dishes were still around.   You'd think that maybe he would've pitched in and done some of the dishes or something.  The iced-tea jug was empty and he could've made that.  Something...anything.  I never wanted to be this old fashioned stay at home Mom...I always thought that husband and wife would meet in the middle and help each other out with these stupid menial tasks of dishes and stuff.  My husband needs me to write him a note to take notice of the dishes.  And, when he does do them, he conveniently forgets some of the dishes left on the table, the pots/pans on the stove and he doesn't wipe down any counters/tables/high chairs.  Even tonight, I took the girls upstairs for baths (which means he could've gotten off of his ass and stopped watching the Yankee game) and at least put the dinner dishes in the sink and maybe empty the stupid dishwasher, right??  Am I expecting too much??  I may not work a full-time job like him and I might not bring in the money that he makes, BUT, I do work pretty damn hard at watching these kids, working in the library, trying to sell my baked goods, watching other people's kids and pretty soon doing b-day parties on weekends.

If this were truly an 'old fashioned' marriage I wouldn't have to go out and try and make some money, would I?????  so, if I have to do that other stuff, why can't he help out??

We've been married almost 10 years now.  We have a house, 4 kids and a horrible economy.  So, how do we get back what we once have??  How do I stop thinking what a jerk he is??  I mean, the kids love him and he really is a good father to them...but he pretty much sucks as a husband these days.  I told him that he needed to 'woo' me again b/c I forgot what that was all about...but he wanted to know what I was going to do for him...ha ha ha know, I don't do anything at all ever for him.  Jerk.  Yeah, I keep saying that, don't I.

OK...enough about that.  Thanks for listening (and MOm, please don't be worried, ok???)

My next mission in life is to come up with lots and lots of money so that I can make it to Ireland in October... I wanted to go in a tell Mr. Wonderful Hubby that I was going whether he liked it or not and that he needed to figure out how to pay for it b/c he always figures out how to pay for his hunting trips and he would also need to figure out who was going to watch our children while I was away b/c that's what I have to do when he goes on his hunting trips.  Wonder what he would've said to that.  Oh wait, I know...Mr. Jerk would have told me to go get a job making the money he does so that I could pay for it.

OK, I'll stop now...promise!!

Today, I brought home some books for Kyra to read about Whining, Tattling and Sharing.  She asked me why I brought them home for her and I asked her if she does all that stuff...she shyly told me she did and didn't ask again why I am having her read them!!  Perhaps it will help???  Now, if only I can get her to get her clothes and shoes in the correct place these

Next up, I have to write out everything that needs to get accomplished this week.  We leave for vacation in 1 week... I am still thinking about leaving everyone home and just going by myself.

Here's hoping our truck only has minimal damage and can get fixed before we leave!!  I'm getting car-sick from the bucking.  And I apologize for those behind me... I just can't seem to get past like 50 MPH...sorry:(

Random Thought- Ireland or Bust!!


  1. I've been wondering something...

    Does your husband know you have a blog? If so, does he ever read it?