Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to play with my 3 year old...and some potty

It doesn't take much to play with my Max...he really does take it and run with it and I LOVE his imagination.  Today, after I made a nice brunch (that my hubby was 2 hours late for...) of bacon, scrambled eggs, home-made waffles, OJ and coffee, Max decided to just play all day!!!  

While I cooked and did dishes, him and Kyra and Franny Girl started it off playing in the Dora kitchen I have set up by our table.  They were baking and mixing and bringing me cupcakes...Franny girl was 'mixing' and making lots of noise too.  They even set the table with their play dishes...too cute.

After food was cooked and put in the oven, we all played with Franny's toys... Max decided he was going to go fishing and I was a shark and Franny was a fish that he had to catch.  Of course, we weren't using a fishing pole but those linky things you put know, use your imagination!!  After that, Max was a tornado and he came to get me and Franny...he came twirling around and around and fell right on top of us!!!  so cute

Next, he sat with hubby (yes, he finally got home from planting his 'food plot' for his precious deer) and the links became steering wheel after baby keys were pushed into the hole from one of the linky things.  And, did you know that the dough hook to your kitchen-aid mixer makes a perfect Pirate Hook.  And, my pampered chef big colander became his Fire Hat today (usually it's his space helmet)

Oh, and him and Franny girl were fighting all day for that prime mommy space on my chest...have you ever seen a 10 mos old and a 3 yr old each vie for your attention at the same time???  It's quite funny actually:)

Potty training- yeah, I put him in some underwear this morning.  I have 4 pairs to start with and we went through all 4 pairs today.  And, I was cleaning up puddles like you do when you have a new puppy.  He also peed on the toilet several times, but he just didn't make it every time.  So, we switched back to diapers around 4ish...  before he went to bed tonight, he informed me that he peed on the couch too... ha ha ha..  I already knew he peed on his Fireman jacket and there were like 3 puddles in front of the couch...just didn't think he actually peed on the couch too.  Perhaps I should put out some newspapers and train him on those first???
He is going to a vacation bible school program this week (yes, they have a toddler program this year and he's soooooooo excited).  So, diapers in the morning it is:)  We'll try again in the afternoon.

Franny girl made it through the night in the crib after I put her in it for the 2nd time...slept 'til almost 10.  Didn't sleep much today again and back in the crib at about 10 tonight.  Now, I'm going to have to push back the bedtime a couple hours so she's up a couple hours starts soon!!

My random thought tonight:  I am continuously growing and changing as I continue on the parenthood endeavor.  But, how can I expect those around me to grow and change in the same way if it was never discussed???  Hmmmmm, there's some food for thought!!

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  1. I love reading your blogs first thing in the morning about the kids.. I can visualize them in my mind and that is how I can see the funny or bad things they do.... Thanks