Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Regression and Finances...

There you have it...2 tough topics all rolled up into one day.  Now, aren't you sooooooooo jealous of me?? Go on, I know you are!!

OK, let's talk REGRESSION first.  Oh, how I hate when they do that.  Today, my 8 year old regressed about  3 or 4 years.  Yup, he had one of his tantrums that he has not had in such a long time.  Perhaps it happened b/c I thought he had finally outgrown them...or perhaps not.  DJ is a very moody child and keeps his feelings all holed up inside.  Not a good thing, I know...I have a tendency to do this, just ask my family and hubby:)  OK, back to DJ... I think this week he is tired.  He had a late night Friday (I know, it's almost Wednesday... but I think kids take time to adjust again), a very early morning Sunday and has been going to bed around 9:30 all summer.... and we've been waking up early for VBS this week.  Oh, and I definitely think he feels it when hubby and I fight...yes, I know, we're not supposed to do that in front of the kids but hubby and I don't talk much these days.  So, when we do, it tends to get a little heated and it's usually when we're in the car b/c that's the only time there is no hunting shows, laundry, cleaning, feeding, etc to be dealt with.  I did feel the need to tell the 2 big kids the other day that just b/c Mommy and Daddy fight doesn't mean they don't love each other...ooooof...that was not something I ever thought I'd have to tell my kids.

Geez...another tangent...back to DJ: so, his friend came home with us after VBS and they were playing Wii while I made lunch...after lunch they went back to their games and then his friends mom came to pick him up.  I wanted DJ to come and say good-bye...he didn't think he should have to pause his game to come say goodbye to his friend.  When he finally did, he was kinda rude about it so I told him he couldn't finish his game b/c of it.'d think I told the kid I wasn't ever going to feed him again or something.  So, he stomps around the house almost in tears.  OK...ding ding ding...I need to separate him and give him some alone time... asked him to get his book and start reading it...again, you'd think I gave him the worst punishment ever.  He stood in the back hallway, balling his eyes out and yelling at Max to leave him alone and to go away.  This is after I told him that he needed to go upstairs and read his book so he could get away from everyone and decompress a little.  Yeah, 8 yr olds don't understand the whole concept of decompression; hence the balling his eyes out in the back hallway.  And so, calmly I walked back to him, didn't say a word, picked him up kicking and screaming at me and carried him to his room.  Yes, he is still a super strong kid...but I have those Mommy Powers and was able to get him into his room (up the stairs and all...just a few minor scratches) and walked away.  Whew... I hate it when he gets that way but I'm glad I didn't scream at him today about it.  And boy, did he let it all out.  I felt like crying myself... but after that, the other 2 kinda knew I meant business and actually followed through with their quiet time.  And Franny was able to nap longer than 20 minutes!!  LOL

But, let me tell you I didn't want to even know them when we had to go to Shop Rite later in the day!!  Oh, and by the time this summer is over, Kyra is not going to own any clothes, shoes or toys.  And do you know what she tells me when I 'pick up' her toys and stuff??  I don't care if you throw it out...I don't like that one anyway!!  I know she cares...and boy do I hope she just gets it soon and starts to put her stuff away!!  How many times do we have to take her stuff away before she gets it??  I think she only has 1 pair of shoes right now to use b/c she keeps leaving them all over the place!!!

OK...let's talk FINANCES and how my simple brain just can't wrap around all those stupid concepts.  Is it wrong to let hubby take the lead on this stuff??  Maybe not, but perhaps I should take more of an interest in knowing what our Life Insurance actually says (I did know at one point, but I just can't remember these days), and what my 401K actually is from when I worked, and what our retirement looks like and do we have any??  I went to a presentation tonight in which someone was trying to get us to become what they were and sell all these insurance plans/investments/car insurance etc. to the 'average' american.  Ha ha ha...I don't have time to take a crap (sorry, I know that's kinda vulgar) and this man thinks I have the time to go to a class (ok, so it's only 2 sunday's and a wednesday to take a test), train under him, make contacts who want me in their home talking about their finances... yeah, sure.  And even if I did have the time, I just don't think I could do this.  So, I learned that I need to take more of an interest in this stuff...

Are you bored yet...I need some sleep...later:)

Random thought: Tell me what you want to hear about??  I'm working on some 'lists'...what do you want to hear first:
- Things kids love and Parents love to hate
- What I learned from playing Facebook Games
- What to do with your unused Granny Panties (you know you all have some) .. this list was lost on my wine spilled computer so I had to start
- The 12 Step Program on becoming a MOM

Have a great day!!


  1. you make me nervous

  2. you know I will never have granny panties dolly!!!

  3. LOL...I think a few of us have a career in holding seminars on being moms...oh in about 18 years...LOL