Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No Power, Echo and an Infection

Did you know that a glass of wine a day does NOT keep the infections away.  Seriously, they still come and at the most unwanted time.  Boo!!  OK, let's start at the beginning of the day but you might be drinking at the end of this one...

Woke up to a sore boob and no power...yeah.  Can't do dishes from last night, shower or flush the toilet.  Oh, and we definitely cannot make oatmeal (sorry Max).  Didn't come back on until we were about to leave for Max's appt. today.  They wanted to do an Echo to make sure there are no holes in his heart and it truly is just a murmur.  The little man was AWESOME!!! He sat there so still while they used an ultrasound machine to capture all of his blood flow and stuff.

Come home, power is on but cable/phone/internet is out...yeah.  So, of course hubby's 'work' from home day is all ruined.  Franny hungry...boob still killing me and dizziness is worse today have been feeling a little off all week but haven't had time to really address it).  Feed Franny Girl and call my doctor while hubby rushes out to get a haircut.  Appt this afternoon...still no time for dishes or shower but at least I got to the doc.  Yup, boob infection.  At this point, I think I am already a little delirious and shouldn't really be out driving but need to stop at drugstore to get my 'script so that I can start to feel better.  Get home and I am now a zombie.  I want to cry along with Franny Girl who is crying at my feet and Max who curled up on my back and is crying b/c I just can't have him up there.  why is it that your kids want you even more when you are at your most miserable??  And why is it that your hubby all of a sudden has an allergy attack and can't stop sniffling, sneezing and crap.  Oh, I know know how miserable you feel so they really just want to snuggle with you to make you feel better (they don't know anything else)...hubby just doesn't want to get stuck doing the things you need him to do b/c you can't do them now due to the fact that you are gonna pass out if you stand up...

And when you get pissed off b/c packing and stuff isn't going to get accomplished you get laughed at.  Yeah, I know, I always get pissed off when he doesn't help me but today just wasn't b/c we had to was the fact that he doesn't even think to ask if I need anything.  My sink is still full of dishes and laundry barely got done today...packing definitely didn't get done and I have way too much crap to do tomorrow before I go to work.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I gotta go fold some clothes now...yeah...still feel like shit.  How long does it take for the drugs to start working??  I forgot..stupid boobs...gotta give up the nursing, I know.  Almost done almost done almost done...

Good thing about hubby today: this was hard today but I have to say: he was actually calm when I was not


  1. Come on Doug, help the wife.. You only have a wake up... She can't do it all.

  2. man, so sorry about the boob...infections stink! Good luck with the packing..wish I was there to help out with the kiddies!