Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Puddle Jumping and of course other stuff:)

Aren't they cute??  And yes, today, I let them jump in the puddles on our way to the mailbox.  It couldn't have been more perfect timing...and I think this was the only time during the day when it WASN'T  And I thought Franny Girl was gonna jump out of that sling thingy she is in b/c she wanted to join them!!

Well, of course we make it all the way there with limited issues.  DJ wanted to wade in the side ditch and catch the frogs.  Well, that's where I draw the line...and that's the line that he is continuously jumping over.  I think his life mission is to get me to the point of no return b/c I always make a point of being calm when asking him what to do (even on the 3rd and 4th time...and sometimes more times) but I always seem to yell.  Perhaps he just needs to push and push and push until the yelling comes???  Who knows.  But I told him the puddle jumping was ok but the jumping in the that is about 2 feet deep in the ditch on the side of the road with things growing in it was NOT ok.  He says, but I'm trying to catch frogs...come on Max, let's go in this water that is more than half your height with who knows what in it and chase the frogs down.  Geesh, I know, I am a horrible mommy for not wanting them to do that, it does sound fun, doesn't it??  But, come one, there's some gross stuff in that water!!!  So, get to the mailbox and of course the mail is not there!!  ha ha ha

OK- let's get to the major 'event' that my wonderful 8 yr old did that made me really angry.  After telling him, like, 3x not to jump in that gross water and wade in it, he decided that it would be super duper fun to do a cannon ball into the ditch water.  Yup, that's right folks, he picked up his feet and jumped right into the water with his legs tucked up.  REALLY!!!  And so, he wasn't allowed to 'jump' in the puddles on the way back (and we walked the LONG way back so that the other 2 could jump a lot more).  God I love that kid!!

So, toss them in the shower (I know, should've just hosed them off but that would have been too much fun for them..ha ha) and the garage calls about the's fixed and they're coming to get us.  We are in the middle of getting dressed, taking sheets of my bed and vacuuming...oh, and did I mention that it has now decided to start raining sheets of rain???   I wouldn't have it any other way!!  At least I got my shower in...  Yup, I was drenched after standing in the rain buckling 2 kiddies in carseats... get to the place, (yes, I left all 4 kiddies locked in the truck...sue me) am about to start writing out the check and BABOOM!!!   so, instead of having them leave Max and Franny in the truck, I run back out to the truck to make sure they are all ok... Kyra comes back with me to finish and away we go.  Truck fixed and our vacation meals just became PB&J with a spoon and cereal!!!  That's it...that's all we'll eat... oh, and the snacks I already bought for the car-ride.  I will have to ration those out

OK- MOM- you are not in the same category so please stop thinking that everything I write is about you...pretty please???
Anonymous- I am grateful for the relatives I have near and far...except for my FIL.  And please understand that I would rather have my kids not know him anymore b/c they are starting to actually listen to him and want to know why he does/says the things he does.  And, I truly don't think it should be necessary for me to explain to my 3 yr old what all the derogatory terms he uses mean...ok??  don't think bad of me, but that's how I feel.  I will gladly wrap a bow around him and give him to you if you'd like...just let me know!!

1 Good think about hubby- he agreed to 'let' me go to Ireland...and he's going to take the time off and take care of the kiddies... whoo hoo!!  (of course I'm gonna bring Franny with me but he'll have the other 3)

OH...crap...gotta go get a passport for Franny long does that take these days???

Some other pics from the day:

sorry about the sideways pic...I just can't figure out how to rotate it on this's way too hi-tech for me:)

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