Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cribbage... she went in around 12:30am and slept again until 9:30am... Yeah!!!

Please note though, that she fell asleep around 10pm but I didn't put her in the crib until I went to bed.  Why you ask??  Because hubby thinks she will wake up as soon as she goes in the crib and he will have to get out of bed to get her b/c I will still be downstairs doing stuff.  Hence the whole, get hubby out of the upstairs until she has a routine but he refuses to dilemma...I even cleaned off the damn bed in the back room for him and he has yet to sleep there!!!

I am so sore from sleeping in my own bed now b/c I was so used to the couch...ha ha ha

Things I didn't miss from sleeping in my own bed:

1. My hubby is a bed hog
2. My hubby is also a covers hog
3. My hubby will vehemently deny being 1 and 2
4. The annoying noises that come out of hubby
5. The dead arm across my body in the middle of the night that makes me not be able to breathe
6. The dirty nasty breath down my neck... Franny's breath was so much sweeter!!
7. Ummmm, the middle of the night you know what that got us Franny in the first place... ha ha ha ha ha
8. The alarm clock going off in the morning when I don't have to wake up
9. Max coming into bed early and not being able to be still (love the kid though...but when he's up, he's up)
10. Having to go upstairs with all the lights out and the tv off so I can't see anything...

But, of course, there will be the pros.  I just haven't thought of them yet.  My body needs to get used to a bed again and here's hoping the long hours in the crib stick!!!


  1. Awesome job for Francesca.....:)

  2. proud of ya!!!! keep up the good will she sleep in a tent??? hmmm....where is she gonna sleep next week???? with Yogi??

  3. No tents for Franny...or me!!! lol...and if Yogi shows up, Franny might eat him!! She likes the strangest things..