Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Golfing, Lazy Rivers and Irene... hubby and I went to play golf yesterday.  Yup, we got 4 hours away from the kids with no one else around.  Great sport to actually just be with each other, you know??  It was my first time playing and all in all I think I did pretty good.  I hit the ball and it went...yeah!!  And, hubby and I did not fight the entire time we were there...although we didn't really hash out anything real, I think just being together and enjoying each others company is a big step for us.  Now, we need to try and do this more often, you know.  I think we need this b/c it would be a great time to actually bring stuff up if we needed to.  Trying to do it in our house will never work...b/c I will always be thinking of the things that need to get done and who knows what he'll be thinking...ha ha

 Look at my form!!! (I didn't lose any balls, didn't clunk any in the water and didn't hit any sand traps...yeah me)
Doug in the woods...he he he (he lost about 4 balls in water and stuff and still kicked my ass...but he does play gold a lot more than me)

ok...enough about that...let's get philosophical

Today, I went to the waterpark with the kiddies.  This waterpark is part of our hotel and after 5 years of coming here I finally went with the kids.  It was actually kinda fun.  I don't have good memories of going down waterslides (my dad went down after me when I was a little girl and I was stuck and I got smashed in the back and pushed down the rest of the way...very traumatic for a little girl, you know??).  But, they also had a nice little Lazy River where you can lay in a tube and just float around.  It was while I was floating around that I started to think about how this Lazy River could be compared to Life.  You kinda hop on board and just go.  You can figure out how to ride the tube (I tried all different kinds before I found how I liked to hold on to the tube).  In life, you are constantly figuring out how to ride the least I am.  And sometimes one way may be better but you might want to change after awhile, you know??  And, there are different ways you can just let youself go.  You can just ride around and let the water take you where it takes you...or you can try and direct your own path.  Do I want to go under the waterfall or do I want to go around it??  I really didn't like having water drop on my head so I pushed myself down the other path.  Do I want to pass the people in front of me or just hang back?  Do I try and make the person riding my stomach happy and do what they want??  (that would be Max sitting on my stomach as I try not to sink through the  Should I hold on to hubby's tube and ride with him??  You get my point, right??  We all have choices and decisions in life.  Go ride a Lazy River and figure out what you like and the path you want to take!!!  Like I said, philosophical mumbo jumbo..ha ha ha  It kinda makes you think what kind of person you are and/or want to be, you know??

So, let's talk Irene, shall we.  I don't like her right now.  She is cutting my vacation short by 3 days and I'm just  not ready to go home!!  Now, for those of you that don't know, here's a little tid bit of information:  My nana's name was Irene.  Franny Girl is name for my Nana: Irene (her middle name).  This is Franny Girls first trip to the beach and low and behold Irene is pushing her out (and us in the process).  For those of you that didn't know my Nana- she was a very interesting character.  Very direct, liked to people watch (she had a special chair in her bedroom where she used to watch what all the neighbors were up to), spoke her mind, told you like it is, etc.  But she also had this spunk about her that we just all loved about her.  My Nana was the one who like to take me shopping as a girl and she used to take me on trips to the Bahamas with her (she always sat in first class and I always sat in coach...and yes, I was a young girl).  She took no shit from anybody and was very comfortable in her own skin.  She cheated at SkipBo and snuck in candy and sweets when she wasn't allowed!! 

So, with this Hurricane coming our way, and the name being Irene, I think it's just kinda ironic.  And so, I must apologize b/c Nana must be pissed at something one of us has done lately and now she's coming to get us:(  So, we are leaving Myrtle Beach bright and early in the morning so we can make it out of here before it hits and get home before it hits there.  I'm kinda bummed...I mean, we've only been here for like 4 days.  I just wasn't ready to pack up and drive home!!

Random thought- I steal wine glasses from hotels and my mom steals dish towels... ha ha ha

Good hubby thought- He took DJ to play mini golf and just to hang out for a couple hours...they both need that

What makes me happy thought- reading...I need to find more time to read...


  1. Sorry your vacation was cut short....I seem to remember a trip to Virginia beach that was cut short due to an argument between your dad and Irene....
    There is a little bit of Irene in all of us girls and for that I am thankful.
    We love you, Nan!!

  2. bummer about Irene....nice pic of you and the family...we are off camping today...praying for a safe return for you all!

  3. I remember that little spat in Va. beach and it was during hurricane Irene.. I also remember the Bahama trip with Sandy..
    We had a short but good vacation.. Loved hanging out with Maximo and Francesca..