Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Separating the baby from the Booby...Again..for real this time...

YEAH...we have officially begun the whole weaning process... Now, I'm not saying yeah b/c I want her to stop nursing (well, actually, I do...but not in a bad way, you know...I'm just ready to get her off of me and onto everything else).  She is 10 months old and I will start her on real milk soon, so we are definitely starting to nurse less!!
(this is her

People have asked in the past, how do you do it??  You know, I don't really know...I guess you read the signs, see how you're feeling, figure out if they are getting enough real food, yadda yadda.  She has definitely started to eat real people food more often and I think that has helped us in this process.  She never ate baby food and just loved her 'booby' milk.  So, now, she eats meals and drinks from a sippy cup and we have been nursing less and less.  I think we're down to about 4 times a day.

Another way to separate that babe from your boob (I know, we all know this one but here it is anyway): put them in the crib away from the boobs!!!   go on, laugh at me for waiting so long.  But, I think I'm kinda sad that she's in there and she's my last and I just want to hold her all the time b/c now she's mobile (very mobile) and I don't want to let her go.  There, I said it...I miss her:(  But, we all know it's for the best!!  She started moving around too much and sitting up and falling over in her sleep and so the crib will keep her contained.  And, she is now sleeping through the night!! Though, I must admit that she is sleeping on my lap right now and I am tempted to keep her there...BUT, no worries...I will bring her up to her crib and finish...ok???  Here I go, I promise...OK...she's up there...thanks for the support!!

Oh, and I also started giving her some formula in her sippy cup.  Not a lot...just like 2 ounces here and there.

And, the last week helped tremendously with separating her from my boobs.  It started last saturday when I had to work all day and hubby took all kiddies to the in-laws.  So, she was away from me all day.  The next day and through the week, we stopped with the mid-morning Mommy snack and I gave her real food instead.  I also started giving her a real breakfast instead of just boob milk.  I do love nursing my babies but it will be bittersweet this time around when it ends.  I think I will cry for joy but also weep b/c it will be over for good.  The boobs will be closed down...never to open again.

You know, it's like closing down a business that has no chance of a comeback???  And, it will signify her getting bigger and growing up on me.  I totally want to put this one in a glass jug so she can't grow up on me:(

OK- enough about that!!

Random thought: how do you begin to accept someone, flaws and all, when they can't accept you for who you are???

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  1. just keep it movin' momma....and stop trying to please them....gave that up long ago...joke 'em if they can't take a f&*&!!!!