Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Better day...but long day!! Franny slept in the crib again on Tuesday night and didn't wake up 'til 9:30...same thing last night after she finally fell asleep.  WOW...she's doing awesome!!

OK...back to yesterday.  We baked cookies in the morning to bring to a friend who just had a baby.  And yes, I tried a new recipe (I loved them but you have to like coffee to like them) and I also made our old stand by chocolate chip:)  YUM

(side note- I've been trying to actually write this all day but mommyhood took over and work tonight and after work, here it is...I hope)

Went to the local library to hand in the kiddies final reading log info.  They really lacked in writing down their books but the library is so excited to get their info, that they don't care.  I think I might care more than, they really did read every day and I know this b/c I am the book enforcer in this house!!  Afterwards, we went to visit a new baby (I love new babies) while my kiddies invaded the poor girls house.  I think I might be watching this wonderfully cute totally adorable little baby boy in September/October... did  mention that I love babies:)
From there we dropped Kyra off at her summer Jazz class (still hasn't found her jazz shoes...actually, they are DJ's shoes and he made it the entire year w/o losing them...Kyra loses them after only 2 classes).  Run over to the library that I work at for a library program for DJ.  What perfect timing the jazz class and library thing was.  I actually didn't have to try and contain DJ from instigating with Max for an entire hour while Kyra danced.  Back to p/u Kyra at class and back to the library to p/u DJ.  Yes, my kids did both library programs this summer...double dipping perhaps??  But, they weren't allowed to write the same books on both perhaps not.
Now, the truck has been 'bucking' and so I had to find some dry gas at this point to see if that would help.  Hubby thinks he put 'bad' gas in the truck while on his trip the other day.  Ooooops..  And we're back off to Mickey D's for some dinner and play time.  Ha ha kiddies all had socks on.  But, dare I say there were several kiddies w/o their socks???   Where was that other sock maniac that scolded me for not having socks???  hmmmmmm  And, of course, there was the token bully who was about a foot too big to be playing in there and was probably about 12 yrs old and was trying to corale the troups into doing things they shouldn't be doing.  Geez, I really don't like those kids.  The Mom was off to the side not saying anything to the kid.  I don't even think he had a little bro/sis to play with either.  My kids were pretty good.  They even all sat at the table and actually ate their dinner when I asked them to.  WOW...that was surprising.  But, I made myself sit down with them and eat with them and we all talked and stuff.  It was great!!
From there we went back to our local library b/c they were having the closing party for the summer reading program.  There was ice-cream and live music.  What more could you ask for??  My kids had a blast running around and stuff.  Franny girl had fun but she was sooooooooooo exhausted (you see, with all the running around, she maybe slept about 20 minutes all day).  She fell asleep while the kiddies were still dancing but, of course, woke up when we went to leave.  It was raining and I don't generally use umbrellas so the drops woke her up before I could get her in the car.  She was thus awake until about 10pm last night...BUT...slept in the crib until 9:30!!!!!   YEAH!!!!!

She cried out when I put her in the crib but did fall asleep w/in like 30 seconds.  She also cried out around 12:15ish last night but by the time I got up there she was passed out again.  Whew...  she's up there now.  Has been asleep since about 8:30ish.  Has only had about a 45 minute nap today (but in the crib I tell you) so I'm hoping this sleeping through the night keeps up!!!

Today is always a short day for me.  I always feel like I can't get anything done b/c I have to go to work at 2:30.  The morning just flies by and poof I leave!!  And so, the slacker things I forgot to do, yet again, today include:
-call doctor for Max (pediatrician heard a small murmur and it needs to be checked out)
-figure out what we still owe hospital... they will eventually get paid
-call diabetes doc to get re-tested for myself
-call skin doctor to c/o all of my wonderful moles and stuff
-do I really need to mention all of the day to day tasks that I didn't get to today???

OK- after work, I am always a little stressed at the mess I come home to.  Sometimes I know the playroom was already messy and I did leave some dishes in the sink...but it always seems to super multiply when I am at work (I'm only gone for like 4 hours).  And of course I go upstairs to put some laundry away and just look into Kyra's open drawer that is just filled to the brim with unfolded clothes shoved haphazardly in there.  I just don't know what to do about her.  I need a rake and shovel to clear out under her bed.  And when I tell her I'm going to take the stuff, bag it up and give it to someone who will appreciate it, she tells me she doesn't care.  Are you serious little girl??  I'm also going to make sure all of the 'clothing' donators don't donate what isn't necessary b/c she cannot take care of her stuff and she thinks someone will just get her new stuff.  Is it wrong of me to say that she's become a little beatch these days.  Her attitude leaves a little to be desired.  Ha...hubby finally punished her the instant she talked back to him.  I'm very proud of him...and he didn't 'scream' at her but put her in time-out and explained to her why afterwards.  Wow...very unlike him.  Proud none-the-less!!  Oh, and after I 'threw' out her clothes (anyone want some size 6 - 7 shirts and shorts and some shoes and stuff), I decided that I didn't want to see her the rest of the night so I left her in her room to finish cleaning up and told her to get into bed when she was done.  To which she replied 'but I'm sooooooo hungry'... ha ha ha... told her good, perhaps she'd eat all of her cereal in the morning this time!!!

I think that's all I'll bore you with tonight.  I might have another post tonight...though maybe not:)

Random thought- Hey Mom, you know we have to play the Wii game first before we watch the movie so we know what's going to happen...ummmmmm, there's a new one!!

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