Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I'm working on now...clean-up time

I think I'll just post the 2 pics of the before and we can start there:

This is the room that everything goes into when we don't know where else to put it.  I feel like we could be on an episode of that show...can't think of the name of it...but you know, the one where people have so much CRAP stuffed into a room and they come and clean it out for them and than organize what's left???  Yup, I need that b/c it's getting a bit ridiculous these days.  And so, this is my current project...thinking about re-arranging some things and adding a new cabinet...but, who has the time??  I don't even have time to pee these days.  BUT...IWILLDOITISWEARIHAVETODOTHISBEFOREIGOCRAZYLOOKINGATTHEMESS... I go...taking the first step is always the hardest, right??  And so, I will get up, stop writing, and start cleaning up and out!! 


Strawberry Infused Rum...Update

Let me just say how YUMMY my idea came into fruition...and how easy it really was.  The strawberries were like rum drenched fruit and I only suggest you eat them if you can handle your was like doing a shot of rum through a strawberry!!
With my strawberry infused rum, I made a yummy yummy summer punch using the following ingredients:
I used about 4 scoops of this

I used the powder up to the first line.
And than I added some water and gave it a great big stir...make sure you get all the lumps mixed up.  Add the rum and strawberries (I used about half of what I had made) and some ice.  Add some ginger-ale if you want it bubbly...
Yummy strawberry lemonade drink.  It was very refreshing!!

Now, if you don't have that tastefully simple drink mix...just make a lemonade (pink would also work...and they do make a strawberry lemonade mix...they didn't have either one when I was in the store which is why I used the yellow mix).  Also, try throwing the strawberries in a blender with the rum and than some water and ice and lemonade mix and you can have a frozen drink...I don't have a blender:( 

So, who's up for trying a frozen version and when can I come over????

The possibilities are endless!!  I'm going to buy more strawberries to infuse more rum b/c I wound up using all of my supply yesterday!!  Thanks Shop-Rite for the super coupon so I can get my strawberries for 99 cents!!!

Random thought:
    Use pineapple instead...that's yummy too

Monday, May 30, 2011

‘Tis the Season: Ants and Spiders…oh my

Yes, it’s true…there are ants in my house.  And, of course those spiders too.  I really do hate this season for this reason (and of course for those damn allergens floating around outside).  

Ants: How do I hate thee, let me count the ways…ok, I just can’t stand them.  And, they are those little ones.  I have this spray that is ‘good’ for the environment and won’t harm your kids and yada yada yada.  But, it doesn’t stop them from coming back.  You can spray them and they die but that’s about as effective as that spray gets.  I might as well just spray some 409 at them and at least my counters/walls/etc will get clean too.  And, the stench of this stupid spray really is horrific.  At least, I can’t stand it…YUCK.  So, we definitely need to just use that crap that is ‘not’ good for the environment and ‘not’ safe for the children…but, it will kill the ants and keep them from coming in!!   But, at least we won’t need the ant traps if we spray that kind.  Franny girl will be crawling soon and I just know she will try to eat the traps if we put them out.  EWWWWWW!!!!!!!

Spiders:  Yes, we live in an environment where spiders are always in our house.  It is inevitable and they will never go away.  I have come to accept this.  I don’t like it and I never will like spiders.   They just freak me out and if someone else is here to kill them than I say it’s their job to do so…for me!!   I just wish they wouldn’t hang out in my shower.  I don’t get lots of showers these days and I really don’t like to do it while a spider hangs out with me…really, they could just go away.  But, alas, there they were and so I had to kill them b/c otherwise I would be looking over my shoulder while rinsing and stuff hoping they weren’t about to hop on me or crawl near me.  Now, that would just be creepy and crawly and I’d be itchy for a week.  Yes, I am a freak about them.

My random thought of the day:
  Babies giggling in their sleep…love it!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I've been married now for 9.5 years and we were together for about 1.5 years before that.  Obviously we fell in love and decided to get married, have kids and live happily ever after...but sometimes, lately, I have a hard time figuring out why.  I mean, we only have 4 kids, a mortgage, lots of bills, and 1 "real paying" job.  And our communication skills between the two of us sucks sometimes.  So, how do we go about remembering why we are here in the first place??? 

I've read several articles about this very thing: How to Keep the Marriage Going...What Makes a Successful Marriage...Why Marriage Ends in Divorce...blah blah blah...  I married my husband and I made a vow until death do us part and now I need to figure out how to make us better.  And so, I've started to look at what he does instead of what he doesn't do.  Here are some things that he does do:
1.he will take all 4 kids to the grocery store while I'm at work...I mean, how many husbands will do that???
2.he made me an awesome bacon, egg and cheese sandwich yesterday (even though I had to wash the pan, the sandwich was awesome)
3.he will let me sleep in on weekends...mostly...though it's hard to do when I am sleeping on the couch still (lol)  and, he will get the coffee started...
4.he will do household chores as long as I leave a note (I need to stop thinking that he knows what needs to get done and just leave him a very detailed note b/c his brain does not think like mine...yes, it's taken me almost 10 years to figure this one out)
5.he does help out with bathing the kids when I ask...
6.he listens to me rant and rave and become a mad woman when I need to get the house clean and do things for parties/holidays (for some reason, this has happened quite a bit this year) and still love me
7.he did attempt to make dinner last week (even though it was fish, which I really don't like, and rice) it's the thought that counts, right???
8.he doesn't complain when dinner sucks b/c I've tried something new or I lost my train of thought and the meat is well done and/or dry, etc.
9.he puts the kids to bed
10. he'll get me my wine when I can't b/c I've got a baby on my chest...he may complain and tell me I'm a boozer, but he'll do it...

OK- so that's my ten (yes, I have this 10 thing listy thing I have to do when I start listing things).  On my part, I need to start appreciating what he does do.  Nobody's marriage is perfect...and if it is, than I can't imagine how that keeps you going.  I mean, wouldn't you get bored knowing your life is perfect??  And of course, the #1 thing we fight about is money...followed by a close 2nd- discipline.  And, I can't stand the fact that I get mad at him and he thinks nothing of it...goes on like I'm not mad at him or that I was never mad...that drives me insane.

And so, I think we need to go back to the beginning again.  Court each notes, do things for each other without being asked, being overly appreciative of the other (this is supposed to become more natural even though you are over the top at first), hand holding, watching tv in the same room (ha ha ha), playing a game, etc.  I want my kids to know that mommy and daddy really do love each other(we do...we just argue too much these days) and that there is such a thing as a happy marriage!!

Now, when I start to bitch about my husband during hunting season, someone will have to remind me of the things he does throughout the rest of the year!!!

Random: I did thank him today for going to the store with all four kiddies...change can only begin within (right??)
Nursing bras still suck...I hate that they are so 'full' covereage that you basically see them with every tank top you wear...and I definitely cannot wear t-shirts in the summer (I SWEAT way too much for those)
Chin you have them??  I admit, I just started getting them...and I also admit to tweezing them out... so if you see one, don't stare, I will get to it eventually and pull it out!!!

That's it for today!!  Hope you all are having a GREAT Holiday Weekend.  Please be safe and drink responsibly (#11 would have been- he will drive when we go to parties so I can drink...)!!  And don't call me for a designated my hubby:)

Kids on Parade...

So, after pinching my thumb on the corkscrew last night, I proceeded to down my glass of wine and fall asleep before getting a chance to write to you all.  And so, here I am, about to tell you about my day yesterday and you will no longer wonder why I did fall asleep (in a sitting up position with Franny girl still attached to the boob no less).

After the big kiddies leave for school, Baby J comes to play.  I use the word play loosely as he's only 2 months old...he he he.  Max and Franny Girl try to 'play' with him...but alas, he likes to eat poop sleep eat poop sleep    and in no particularly order all while crying...and let me tell you, he does cry loud and hard when he's tired and hungry!!!  Franny girl was wondering what that noise was...

Hubby gets home from the spermy doctor (he's still got those little swimmers so he's gotta go back next month) and we get all 3 kiddies in the car to go to the Farmers Market.  This week, I made sure to let Grandma know we would be there so she didn't have to come out to my house and so we didn't have to turn around to bring Baby J back!!  Franny Girl is crying...Baby J is crying...and Max is just talking and talking and talking (this kid really never stops talking).  We pick up Ava (her mommy doesn't have enough room in car for all the kiddies she's got this week), climb all over the truck (because, you know, having a truck is just soooooo much easier to have when you have 4 kids) to put in extra carseat (we played musical car seat set-up yesterday) and we're off to the market!!  Did I mention that I decided to shove myself into a strapless sundress with my boobs hanging out (hence the shove into part)???  But, this mommy doesn't want to get tan lines so soon!!!

Get to market and now we have the task of getting 6 kiddies across the street...3 of which can't walk yet.  We probably could have given them all an instrument and had our very own marching band (though I think the little ones might have eaten all the instruments).  1 double stroller, 1 umbrella stroller, 1 baby in the infant seat being carried, and 2 big girls trying to push the umbrella stroller later and we made it to the shady tree to set up for our picnic lunch!!  And let me tell you, yesterday was not a cool day.  It totally went from like 70 degrees to 90!!  Poor babies were so hot...

After lunch and run around time, we decide to load 'em back up and hit the deli across the street so we can do potty time...b/c there are no bathrooms at the Farmer's Market and this mommy had to p.o.o.p. (yes, I did)  But, that's ok, because it was an excuse to get the little ones to go to... 

And, back to the market we go...and yes, we are still sweating out boobies off!!!  Walk through the market... thanking goodness the kiddies didn't see the $3 ice-pops...and didn't buy a single thing.  Nope, even a hard cider this week.  I think it was just too darn hot and at that point, we were all pretty much finished for the day!!

And so, we load 'em up again and head home!!  Now, I drop Ava back with her mom at their place and start driving home.  Now, this is hysterical and if I was there 30 seconds earlier you all would have been privy to a picture of it but I couldn't figure out what I was seeing...Getting on the highway, there was a car pulled over and a woman with her pants around her ankles was squatting and pissing on the road.  Yup, right there in plain daylight without even attempting to hide herself!!  Ummmm, can you say gross and disturbing??? 

OK- back home for round 2...get snacks and drinks packed up for a night of gymnastics and dance.  Try to leave baby home but wind up taking the 2 yr old, baby, and the 40 something year old on top of the big kids.  Really, should've just left hubby and the littles home...Guess he'd rather come than stay at home with the 2 little ones???  Kyra got costumes and we saw both her dances...DJ got no costume and we didn't see his dance.  But, we got sushi, chinese food, and pizza!!  Max learned how to use chopsticks and Franny Girl devoured a crab rangoon and some noodles w/chicken (she loves chinese food...must have been all those meals of chinese food I craved and ate while prego with her...)

And so, I was tired and fell asleep.  But, here's a pic of me shoved into my summer dress (and with pigtails).

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Hubby...

Thank you for letting me not get off the couch this morning (because that's where Franny girl and I are still sleeping these days) and taking care of getting the kiddies off to school.  And thank you for being super duper quiet (NOT) and waking up Franny girl anyway.  I'm glad you took them to the bus this morning but next time, please don't offer...because you see, Kyra's homework notebook is on the table and DJ's homework is on the floor and his folder is on the table.  I guess it's a good thing they remembered their lunches!!
Hope you have a great doctor's appt and let's hope all the little swimmers are gone!!!

Random thought (or just a bashing): my husband somehow locked his keys in the car yesterday while getting gas and I had to drive there at 6:45am to open his, I wonder how pissed off he would have been had our roles been reversed???  But, you know, he will conveniently forget that he wasn't perfect for one morning!!  Yes, did you know I have a PERFECT Hubby???  I know you guys are allllllllllll soooooooooooo jealous!!!  ha ha ha

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It never ends...

So, I get up yesterday, get the kids out the door and rush over to the 'car fixer place' to have my truck inspected.  Yes, I will still have to pay for the f!#$ng ticket but at least I won't get another one.  While truck was on the lift, took a walk with Max and Franny Girls.  And, IT WASN'T RAINING!!!   I think we walked a lot longer than was necessary but we had to stop and change a poopy diaper and buy some tissues and try and manuever a double stroller into the bank...let me tell you, they don't make door openings for a single stroller...let alone a double stroller.  Since being a mom, I've noticed several things that make an outing with kiddies more difficult than it should be:

1. Door openings- if there are no automatic doors, you have to struggle to open door, pull stroller in, and run in after it...and, most Malls you have to do this twice.  Banks and restaurants have this weird double door system with a square between the 2 doors (you know what I mean??)...and sometimes the 2 doors don't line up so you have to go in, back up to the right or left and than forward's like trying to get into a really tight squeeze when you are parallel know, forward reverse forward reverse forward reverse all while turning the wheel a little to the right and/or left.  Wait, you mean you don't have that parking problem??  Oh, well, I guess it's just me and I do suck at it:)

2. Clothing stores- ummmmm those racks of clothes are way to close together and so not accommodating for pushing a stroller through.  It's not so bad when they are not grabby but still hard to get around all the racks.  Forget about me coming into your store once the kiddies get their grabby paddy's on!!  You would think they would be a little more aware of who their shoppers are during the day!!!

3. Grocery stores-  whose idea was it to put the candy in the check out aisles???  seriously???  I know, they just want a quick buck from all of us stressed moms who just give in to the candy to shut the kid up while you're trying to put groceries on the belt and than have to bag said groceries.  And, whatever happened to the baggers??  Especially for those prego women out there...I just got stares from the workers when I was prego  and I kept thinking to myself, are they gonna help or just stand around and pick their noses...guess what, they just stood around and picked their noses and than tossed in some candy bars b/c I needed them than. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

4. Car fixer places (this includes the oil change place and car wash)- when did we start having toys and things inside (this is for that oil change/car wash place)...and why is there no TV or anything for kids to do at the Car fixer place???  Thank goodness it was sunny and not the dead of winter yesterday so I could take the kiddies for a walk.  Next time, we'll have to sit in the car and watch a movie while it's in the lift and being looked at.  And, do they really think I want to pay them 80 bucks to change out a part in my door that I am perfectly capable of doing myself???  Yes, I know what I need to do to change the part for my window...we just have to order the actual part!!!

5. Bathrooms- I don't think I have a problem with the bathrooms themselves b/c we've come a long way with them.  I mean, the double stroller fits in the handicap stall and the men's room actually has a changing station in most cases.  My problem is with the people in those bathrooms...especially the single ladies who are not handicapped and don't have children with them but for some reason feel the need to use the biggest bathroom and take forever.  Do these ladies think that they will get less germs b/c the walls are farther apart???  And, if you're gonna use this stall, don't take a crap b/c there might be some poor mom on the other side with a child about to pee their pants but they can't use the smaller stalls b/c not everyone fits in there!!!

6. Nursing- Yes, I nurse my kids.  I have gone from being the mom afraid to nurse in public to the mom who just doesn'tgiveashitmykidneedstoeatandit'sonlynatural mom!!  If you don't want me to 'whip' it out, than you should be providing a private place for moms to feed their children.  And, don't expect us to go in the bathroom and do it b/c that's just gross!!!  And, don't make it so the booths don't move and there's not enough room to whip it out while being inconspicuous about it because most of of nursing moms don't want to let everyone see what they've got...we just want to feed out babies!!

7- BabyCones at the ice-cream store- I don't understand how you can charge me 25 cents less than the small but only put 50% of the ice-cream on it.  How does that work??  What happened to that dollar cone that was really little and worth the buck???

8- Burger King Kids Meals: kids love 'em...I can't stand 'em!!  Your typical meal is the nuggets or burger with FF and a small soda.  If you make any changes, you are charged more...did you know this??  So, if you want milk and 'apple fries' you will be charged more.  Did you know that??? 

9- Sidewalks and outdoor markets: To those towns who have great sidewalks, please disregard.  There are some towns where the sidewalks are horrific and extremely difficult to manuever a stroller on.  And to those outdoor markets on actual pavement...kudos!!  But to those other markets (and of course these are the ones I do to) know the ones that set up on the grass and getting a stroller through is not the easiest thing to do???  Move it to the pavement...again, who are your biggest customers???

10- Strollers without a cupholder...need I say more???  Where am I supposed to put my beer during the next parade or outdoor party???

OK- so I went off on a little tangent there. 

Random thoughts:
- rubbed my eye so hard yesterday that a contact lense came flying out and onto the CVS floor...yeah, don't think I'll be getting that lense back anytime soon!!!

- Husbands are like a know there are things that need to be fixed but you never know if and when these things can be changed and/or fixed!!! 
And so, I will leave you with some pics of my kiddies doing some dancing:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stay at home Mom...vs...Starting a Business's late and I'm completely exhausted.  We all know how tiring kids can make you and how much work they are (as well as all the other stuff you're expected to do but can't keep up with in the house).  Good think I don't have to set goals and try and follow them b/c I would never get a raise!!!

So, this momma is trying to get a small business going...but it is sooooooo tiring and frustrating sometimes that I just don't see the point.  I have to make some $$$$$ and try to do it in little ways.  Aside from my small part-time job, I also do the odd baking gig and/or photo gig.  And, hopefully, this b-day party gig will pan out and I can make some extra money doing that.  And more recently, I am watching little Baby J but I don't know how long that will be for.  But, my real passion is the baking.  I love to make desserts and see the sheer joy of eating something GREAT and feel GUILTY all at the same time...yes, you can make a face that emanates those 2 things at the same time!!! And, I think I've really found my niche (it's only taken me 3 years) in the baking least for me.  But, there's the whole time issue.  I try to do things during the day but it always doesn't get done and I wind up baking at 10 o'clock at night...or, if I have to, I put my kids down and they will have to cry so that I can get it done.  But than, the 'household' stuff doesn't get done and the kids don't go outside...and so, I am back to my standstill of trying to figure out what to do:( are some pics from my day...we had Baby J for quite some time today and the other 2 were kinda cranky (Franny girls slept for a total of 30 minutes all day and it was nightmarish trying to get her to go to sleep...the Boob didn't work that well tonight...and it always works!!)  Then p/u older 2, make dinner, baseball practice, come home and try to get a quick shower, and than try to get your own tired and cranky baby to fall asleep, fall asleep on the couch yourself, and than wake up at 9pm to realize you still have to clean the dishes and make a cake!! tired now.  Here are some pics from the day (Franny had her first wagon ride and swing today)

Ankle Biters and Booby Pinchers...and than some.

You know, kids are awesome...most of the time...ha ha ha  But, when they're not, here are some things that will make you all laugh and chuckle b/c you know it's all happened to you too...

Babies like to bite everything they come into contact with...Lately, My little Franny Girl has decided that she likes to gnaw on my ankles and toes...ewwwwwwww.....gross!!!  I am totally not a foot person and really don't like the thought of people near my feet.  I also don't like to cut my own toe-nails (I know, they get kinda long sometimes) and have to go have someone else do it...

Hickeys:  Yes, she also like to suck on my arm...especially when I am denying her a boob b/c I know she has had enough milk and just wants to suck...hence, she finds my arm and starts sucking.  And than I have a nice hickey mark on my arm!!

Booby Pinching:  Ummmm, OUCH!!  I have marks on my boobs b/c I don't get her little fingers off of my boobs quick enough.  And she doesn't just pinch...she grabs skin, pulls and twists  OR  she will take her little thumb and pointer and do little itty bitty pinching (much like a lobster claw)...She doesn't bite my nipple but these little pinches are quite painful in and of themselves!!  When I pull her fingers away and tell her that it hurts, she gives me this big mega watt smile that I can't be mad at her...3 more months and I will begin to reclaim my boobs!!!

Now, on to diapers...what a pain in the ass they are.  And what a pain in the ass it is to figure out which diaper matches which child.  I mean, first you have to figure out how they pee (up or down) and how they poop (up or down) and than you have to figure out which diaper will be best.  Every one of my kids has used a different diaper...And, with boys, you have to remember to push that pee pee down so that the pee goes in the diaper and not up and out the top of the diaper.  And than, I just love when they sit there and smile and coo and gurgle and than all of a sudden you hear this noise come from the depths of their bellies.  It starts out a low rumble, their faces turn all red, you can hear them grunt, and than you hear it come out...and than, you see it coming up and out of the back of the diaper like an exploding volcano (yes, this happened today).  I don't know if it's better to have a onesie or t-shirt on when this happens...I guess it doesn't matter b/c both get covered in poop and you have to lift both over their heads, right?? 

I could probably go on and on and know, there's spit-up, throw-up and drool.  All 3 come out of their mouths but are completely different!!  Hence, the reason I don't bother to get dressed when I'm staying home...ha ha ha 

And yes, I have been pooped on, spit up on, threw up on, spit on (different from spit up), peed on, drooled on, bled on, kicked, hit, bit, pulled, tugged, pinched and so on.  But, alas, I am MOM and that's my job!!  What other job can you get so abused at and always get up in the morning wanting more???  NONE!!!

So, that's my story today and I'm sticking to it:)

Random thought for the day:  strawberry rum = YUM

Monday, May 23, 2011

Holy Crap that was a long day...

And it just got longer because I somehow deleted everything I just wrote...AHHHHHHHHH

Day started out everyone up and out the door so that DJ could make it to his baseball camp (we had no school today) on time...we were 10 minutes early.  Yes...yes we were!! 

Start off towards my errands and guess what, my truck hasn't been inspected since last FEB.  Yup, I got snagged in one of those trap thingy's that the police like to set up...and...I really was clueless as to why he was pulling me over.  He must have thought I was the stupidest woman b/c I completely didn't even realize that it was expired.  Great...let's add some more money down the drain (or should I say in NY's pockets)  And, on top of that, I couldn't find the most updated insurance card in the truck...ooooops...gonna have to find that now too...geez, I'm not doing good, am I??? 

So, onward we go to Party City and spend too much money.  Should've hit the Dollar Store first and than Party City to see what I could get and where...But, when you have 3 kiddies with you, you just want to get it done.  And, at least most of the stuff for this shindig has been purchased...just need the food and flipflop stuff.  And, I still have to make up a cleaning schedule...ha ha ha   You know, I will talk about making a cleaning schedule and than it will all of a sudden be the friday before the party and I will be screaming like a banshee at everyone b/c it's not done and my kids will inevitably see my head spin around several times as I try and get everything done last minute.  (I just know myself too well...but I have made a step in the right direction by admitting I have a problem...right)

Get sneakers for 2 big kids and make it to my eye exam...wait for it...yes...10 minutes early.  What is going on today???  Get some stuff in Walmart (thank you for having my cake box and boards that I needed so that I didn't have to make an additional stop today)  and than hit Taco Bell for some cheesy roll-ups and burritos (um, YUM)  Yo Quiero Taco Bell!!!

And than we're off to Girl Scouts for Kyra...knocked 5 minutes off our time and got there 5 minutes early but am not sure that we are really supposed to be there or was it cancelled or what.  I see someone else go in with girls and than she comes out without girls so I know we are still on for this event.  Franny girl woke up so we all trudge out of the car...Kyra learns about gardening and MOmmy learns that this farm makes their own version of a Hard Cider!!  Oh, the things we learn in a day:)  And so, I went through my big-ass bag to see if I could scrounge up some change to pay for a bottle b/c you know I have to try theirs and see if it's better (or worse) than the Winery version.    All this while trying to nurse and keep Max settled with his cars so that he does not run off!!  Yeah, I tried it but I don't taste a lot of difference from the Winery version...and the winery version is a buck cheaper so they win!!   The farm stand was kind enough to also give us all an ice-cream cone.  Now, that was a real treat...and I pretty much ate about 2-3 cones all by myself.  Kyra didn't want hers b/c it was too messy and Max just wanted to go play.  Franny girls kept grabbing cone and shoving it in her mouth (she was digging it).  I wish I had remembered a camera today...would have gotten some great shots!!  Ah well...we will have to go back

Stop at garage to arrange for the truck to get inspected (not 'til Wednesday morning) and than off to pick up DJ.  Oh, I love it when he joins the said dripping with sarcasm.  But, I was able to bribe him with some Falone Bucks so that I could create labels for my cake pops and than put together the BLUEBERRY ones...which are awesome by the way!!!  And, I truly love bribery and the fact that my kids would rather the gift of Falone Bucks than real dollars...Now, if only I could just print up some of that real money like the Falone, that would make my life easier!!!

Got some dinner made, baths were taken and I sold some POPS!!!  Yeah...raising money for cancer research with them right now but am hoping that it will get my name out there and my product!!  Trying to start a business while also raising 4 (and sometimes 5...that be the hubby) kiddies is not an easy task.  Which is why I am usually awake when I should be sleeping!!  On that note, I am going to try and sleep right now!!  And watch the end of Jerseyliscious (yeah, I know, WTF is that show but I got hooked when I was nursing like all night long and they played it like all night lone)

Random Thought of the day:  I will not be annoying    I will not be annoying     I will not be annoying
      (yes, I made my daughter write this 15 times with the hopes that it will stick)

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yes, my six year old is showing early signs of being a hoarder!!!  Holy crap...I was in her room and decided I needed to clean up...ha ha ha

I found the following items in, under and next to her bed:
That's an entire bin worth of clothes and a pair of shoes...yes, there was a pair of shoes INHERBED!!!  Check out the 'fake' hair she absolutely loves to wear. 
How many books does a 6 year old need to sleep with???

I think there were about 20 Barbies too...
3 purses, several polly pockets, 10 stuffed animals, a Moxy Girl Doll still attached to the cardboard(the empty box was found under the bed), doll clothes, 2 big pillows, 2 little pillows, shoes, clothes, books, blankets...I can't even think about what else was in there!!!  BTW- she sleeps in a single bed...really not a lot of space..

Should I put her in therapy???

Random thought of the day:
Doing math at 1AM seriously sucks...does not help you understand it any better!!! Guess the wine doesn't help either...ha ha ha

Mother-in-laws and those older women who think they know best...

Yes, that's right, you all know who I'm talking about.  It could be your Aunt, grandma, great-aunt, mother in laws, big sisters, or even your own mother...but we all know who they are in our own lives and we all get irked by them, right???  Please tell me I'm not the only one!!!

So, mine happens to be my MIL...and yes, she does have a way of getting on my nerves.  And, I know, she comes from a different era and she grew up in a different 'world' from me (you know, the one where they had to walk uphill to school both ways in the freezing rain with a skirt on world) and she raised kids in a different 'world' too.  Well, my Franny Girl just does not like her for some reason.  Perhaps it's because she tells me that Franny is spoiled and that I hold her too much and that shouldn't she be sleeping through the night by now, and you have to let her cry sometimes, etc.  The list can go on and on and on...and not just about my child rearing ways either...

Did you know that I don't wash my kitchen table???  (sorry babe, had to throw that in there)  And, did you also know that I don't make friends easily??  And I'm sure she doesn't understand why my laundry is not folded or folded but not put away b/c it's always in the living room when they come up.  And yes, they tend to come visit almost every Sunday (thank God when I do get to go to sad library is closed on sundays...sniffle sniffle).  And, when they come, they bring food for dinner...not just any food, but food that I get to prepare for them and than clean up after!!And it's never just s simple meal either...think, full out family sunday dinner!!!


OK, back to Franny Girls and my leaving for work today: because our backyard looks like the Little House opener (see previous entry), my hubby needed to go out and mow even though the grass is sopping wet...and of course it's going to take him an eternity to do it b/c of the sopping wet grass that is 2 feet tall.  And so, I had to walk out of the house threatening my 2 older ones to stay by Franny and try and play with her so that she would not continue to cry hysterically b/c the MIL was also nearby.  I swear, I think she must pinch the girl when I'm not looking just so she can say I spoil her for picking her up!!!  And than, she gets offended when the 7 month old does not want her to pick her up!!!  AHHHHHHH....she's a baby.  And if picking up my kids and holding them while getting things done and letting her sleep with me for now b/c we're nursing and she doesn't sleep through the night means that I'm spoiling her, than I guess I will continue to spoil her for the rest of her life.  Because I will always be there to hug, cuddle, pick up the pieces, cry with, laugh with all of my matter what!!!  (OK, I know she's there for her kids too, but it just gets under my skin and I'm glad to come to work when they come visit!!)  And, today, they are ordering pizza so I will not have to worry about cooking or finishing dinner when I get home!!!

And so, if you have one of these women in your lives, please know that we are all thinking of you and just grin and bear it.  And remember to SMILE!!!  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (and laugh like you really mean it)  And if all else fails, just go have that really big glass of WINE we know you want to have:)

Collage It..

Yes, I tried the collage thingy on this Picasa photo thing. so, here it is...I think it's great and I hope you enjoyed our mishmosh day!!
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Pigs were flying...

Yes, did you see the pigs flying this morning???  No, really??  Than, you must be in Hell and it's FREEZING...right???  ha ha ha...wanna know why??  OK-

This morning, my entire family was up, dressed, fed and out the door by 8:30 for a 9am baseball game.  And, here's the kicker (I think all my nagging and yelling is finally paying off with the hubby), we worked as a TEAM!!  Yup, you heard it first hubby and I actually worked together to get us all out the door!!  I didn't have to ask him to do anything...he just did it.  Whew...that was a great morning. 

Once we got to the field, I worked over in concessions and he manned the kiddies at the game and than took all 4 of them on some shopping errands...yup...that's husband took all 4 kids to Walmart and Michael's (yes, he went into a craft store).  And so, today, I am renaming it DougIsGreatDay because he was awesome.

Boob explosion alert- while in the concession stand, I was in agony with fully boobies...that was the one thing I forgot to do before we left for the field.  Thank goodness no one walks around with a needle b/c if they had accidentally stabbed the boobs, they would be covered in booby milk.  I was about to start asking people if they wanted some milk in their coffee...they'd have gotten the surprise of a lifetime!!!

After that, we all came home and ate know, the basic stuff you need to do.  I baked a cake and he weed-wacked some grass.  I think our back lawn is not going to get mowed anytime soon.  Right  now, it looks like we could stumble down the hill in high weedy grass with Little House music playing in the background and we would be happy in this image...ha ha, stop raining so that my yard can look like a yard and not a hill Laura Ingalls Wilder runs down while laughing and smiling!!!

Oh, and I went to learn how to do a birthday party at a preschool today!!  Here's hoping it works out b/c I could absolutely use the extra $$ and it would be on weekends...perfect time to torture my husband by sending him out grocery shopping while I go

And, I will be watching Baby J for a couple days here and hopefully that, too, will work out!!  I just want to get out of this rut.  And now, we have to figure out the Baptism party and Kyra's b-day party (at least we are combining the 2 celebrations but it's going to be a lot of people for 30 or so, I think).  Thank God for government checks b/c we will most likely be using some of our refund for, we don't go crazy or anything b/c we do it at the house, but I still have to figure out menu and price out the craft for the girls...Design your own Flip Flop!!  Should be fun for everyone:)  But, lots to do to get ready...and lots of house to scrub.  My cousin and her daughter are coming from Michigan and my mom is coming up from North Carolina so we have to assign beds and floor space:)  And, I will have to go around and scrub molding and windows and, if you want to see my house super duper clean, you should come visit me on saturday, June 4:)

Oh, and did you know that next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend??  Wow...that really came up fast!! Looking forward to hanging out and seeing people we haven't seen in awhile!!

OK- my cake pops are done (making purple ones to raise money for Relay for Life) and everyone else is sleeping.  I can't figure out why I am not sleeping yet...just waiting for Franny Girl to wake up...this is her time:)  Maybe one day she will skip this feeding??? 

Sleep Bootcamp countdown has begun: 5 weeks and 4 days 'til crib time...I don't know who's going to miss who more:(

Random thoughts of the day:
Hugging is the BEST therapy!!  Have you hugged someone today???

Friday, May 20, 2011

Opening Day Farmers Market...and everything else that went with it:)

Today we had Baby J again for a few hours...figured out how to nurse one baby and feed the other a bottle and am learning what bribes work with the 2 yr old to get him to help or stay out of trouble or just out of the way for a little bit (ha ha ha)...I'm sure we will stumble and fall and than we will pick ourselves up again and keep going until we find our routine...or, we'll just keep stumbling and stumbling...ha ha.  And, I fear summer is near which means there will be the 2 older ones to contend with.  And let me say that with all this rain, they are really at each others throats this week.  I mean, it's like they are competing to see who gets more of this and who can tattle on who before they get a chance to come clean, and which one thinks the other one definitely DID NOT brush their teeth long enough...oh, it never ends.  And, I truly see the light and the horror that I am a PARENT...yes, a parent.  And, I sound like one too.  Jeez, I must have driven mine insane!!!
Here's the 3 little ones again...Franny Girl kept trying to stand up on the infant chair and get Baby J and Max just wanted to 'Hi' him (actually got mad at me when I turned him to face me)
And so, I decided it would be a good idea to meet a friend and her 2 little one's at the Farmer's Market a town over...Friday's are crazy at the house and you never know if I'm gonna have to duct tape any mouths  to be quiet b/c hubby might have a conference call (he works from home on Friday) and so I thought I'd get them all out of the house.  Estimated time of meeting up: 12:00...okay, GO!!  Feed 2 babies, get Max dressed, pack backs, brush teeth, oh crap- slather some deodorant on and try to primp hair.  And get dressed in dirty clothes b/c all of my clothes are awaiting their turn in the wash:)  Oh, and by the way, nursing bras SUCK!!!  They are huge and unsupportive and you need a full coverage shirt to cover them...
So, we head out the door at 12:00 (ok, we are a little late).  Make the call to let Baby J's grandma know to meet us at the market...oh, no, she's already left...quick, leave a VM and hopes she gets back to you.  Half way there, you pass her going to other direction...beep and flash lights and try calling again...Nope, not answering.  Turn around and go home so that she can take Baby J and you just have 2 little ones...ok, call friend and she's running late too, YEAH!!  Start out again...finally arrive and both babies are asleep:

Wake up babies and within a matter of getting Max in the stroller and strapping on Franny Girl, the big fat drops of rain arrive...and so we rush to a tent to wait it out:

Rain stopped and we walked through...both big kids tried some sorels...Franny ate her feet, and Mason Baby ate his binky:)

Aside from the fresh strawberries and tomatoes, we also found some Hard Cider (my favorite), fresh cider donuts (another yummy) some potatoes, plants and of course the puddles.  Max had a blast playing in that puddle (I think my hubby would have had several conniption (sp?) fits if he saw him playing in the water and then we walked to a local shop to try on some headgear:

Yes, lots of pics today...hope you are enjoying!!  And sadly, we said goodbye:

Because this momma had to go back home, drop off Max, pick up the 2 big kids from school bus and go all the way back to the town of the market for some gymnastics, tap, ballet, and jazz!!  Once all my big kiddies were in their respective classes, Franny girl (can't leave her home on a Friday b/c hubby is working you know and he can only take care of the 2 yr old these days when he's "working")  and I took a walk and treated ourselves to a spicy tuna roll...shhhhhhhhh...don't tell hubby b/c he will get sushi envy:) 
And, here I am posting before midnight...OMG...what's wrong with this picture.  Oh yeah, I talked myself into making cake tomorrow night instead of tonight!!! 

PS- thanks to my fellow blogging buddy for the shout out in her post this morning...I need to figure out how to tag her now in my posts!!  Help me:)