Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day and cleaning...and some other stuff...

Mother's Day in my house is really no more special than any other weekend day...aside from the cards made in school (the ones that I actually get as soon as they get off the bus and not on mother's day) and the extra hugs.  My husband goes hunting in the morning...yes, that's right, he went turkey hunting this morning and I didn't get breakfast in bed.  I'm still sleeping on the couch with Franny Girl these days so I don't really think that would be an option anyway.  But (and I know some of you moms out there  might think what an ungrateful mom I am) I did get to go to work for 4 hours today and get a break from being Mom.  Yes, I did just say that and yes, I do enjoy that time away from my kids and husband!!  And, I did get to eat a meal that I didn't have to cook or clean-up after:)  Friendly's seems to be the new tradition for mother's day b/c this was the 2nd year in a row we went!!  And, anytime you go with me to Friendly's, please remind me to just order the bacon cheese burger with fries b/c I am always disappointed when I 'try' something new.  (I am very boring and like the same things at the same places all the time...I would rather know what I'm getting and enjoy it than 'try' something new with the chance that I will be dissappointed..)  Kids had a good day, though...they got to spend some time with their Mommy's Mommy and go swimming and eat pizza and than of course, go to Friendly's.  Perhaps, today should have been Kids  Oh, and by the way, we're sorry for all of the spilled drinks today...yes, drinks were spilled all over the place (hotel this morning and of course at Friendly's...4 in all)...Not sure about the pizza place but if any were spilled there, I'm sorry.  My children have this not paying attention syndrome and their arms/hands randomly swing about and knock into full drinks!!

Franny girl found something new to eat today too...plastic menus.  Yes, she has added plastic menus to her diet that currently includes paper, matchbox cars, computer wires, pants (usually mine or hubby's), toes (hers) and boobs!!  I think one of these days we will see some barbie shoes in her diaper...or perhaps a penny or two (oooohh...I should definitely always change the poop in the event there's some money in there).  Speaking of boobs...let's talk teeth and the good old 'pincher' grasp.  Ummmm, ouch!!  And, it's not just the teeth here b/c that doesn't really happen often and definitely doesn't hurt as bad as those little pinches.  I think she has perfected that pincer grasp on my boobs and uses her 2 fingers to pinch while nursing...very painful and getting oh so much fun trying to keep her hand away from them while she's eating.  I'm very close to cutting her off and giving her the good old bottle.  And speaking of nursing- the public still hasn't really made it very easy for us nursing moms to nurse our babies while out.  Just sayin'...

So, let's talk about cleaning...I could probably write a book about my lack of cleaning  Seriously, I really don't think I know the proper way to clean anything in my house.  I also don't really know how often things should be getting done and I have no rhyme or reason for when and how I do things.  I think I should research the correct way to clean and a good timeline for doing this stuff and perhaps writing a book called: Cleaning your house and taking care of your family For Dummies!!  ha ha ha   I am on my fourth kid and you would think that I would know this stuff by would also think this fourth kid would be on a hard core sleep schedule...but, alas, I do not know what I'm doing...still.  My bathroom upstairs is clean for now...I used about 1/2 thing of cleaing wipes to wipe and clean everything...and that's how I clean.  ha ha ha  I love those wipe things.  And since we're talking bathrooms...let's talk kids and bathrooms, ok??  My kids poop in the toilet bowl and never flush...that's always  nice to walk into:)  And, I think they've figured out how to get toothpaste on my ceiling and in places I just didn't think it would be possible to get toothpaste.  Perhaps, I should give them some cleaner stuff and see what they can clean just by being them...Pretty soon I will be able to put some sponges on Franny Girls knees so she can clean my floors!!  I think I just don't start cleaning b/c I know once I start I can't stop...the stickiness and stains and stuff is endless in this house and I can't help but see something new that needs to be wiped/washed's a never ending cycle that I don't have the energy to start!!  So, if you drop in unexpectedly, you just might not have a clean toilet to pee on.  But, if you were invited and/or I know you're coming, you can rest assured your butt will not get dirty germs on it (unless of course someone went in there before you and had dirty germs on them from not showering...he he he) 

OK- I could keep going on and on and on...but I'll stop here.  I need to go vacuum before Franny Girl starts picking up the little rocks in my are my random thoughts/pics for the day:

- I think that's from the chlorine in my butt!!  (Kyra- as she's getting out of shower about her farting...funny girl that she is)  and so, she has chlorine farts now...
- Max, where's your Mom??  'There's my Dad', Max, where's your Mom??  'No, I don't want Mom and I don't like her...I want Dad'  so glad he finally realized this (and on Mother's Day no less...let's see what Mommy does for him...ha ha ha)
Belly laughing girl:

and one more funny Franny Girl face (I love her faces...)

Here's hoping all you Mom's out there enjoyed your day.  I will enjoy another day and eventually get my pedicure I could have used today and perhaps that back massage I so desperately need!!  ha ha ha
Good night all!!

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