Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Daughter is a Genius...

Yes, that's right.  You heard it here 7 mos old is a GENIUS!!  She can pick up things (and not just things...but FOOD) and put them in her mouth...yes she can.  On her first try today!!  I have pictures to prove it:)  I guess she's been practicing with all of that computer wire, flip flops, slippers and things.  Oh no, wait, I don't want her to start picking up little things we really have to be careful about what's on the floor...I guess Kyra's polly pocket stuff and barbie shoes will have to get thrown out if it's left on the floor, right???  And the lego's??  Oh no...wait...At least she's not crawling yet and she doesn't really have a desire to roll over anymore, so at least she just stays in one place, right??  Oh, wow...guess she's not that genius, is she??  And she's definitely not genius enough to know about sleep either:(  Oh well, here are some pics of the famous 'pincer' grasp:
The grab:
 The insert into the mouth:
And the smile...
I LOVE HER!!!  Don't you:)

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  1. Awesome.. She really is pretty:)