Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Strawberry Infused Rum...Update

Let me just say how YUMMY my idea came into fruition...and how easy it really was.  The strawberries were like rum drenched fruit and I only suggest you eat them if you can handle your was like doing a shot of rum through a strawberry!!
With my strawberry infused rum, I made a yummy yummy summer punch using the following ingredients:
I used about 4 scoops of this

I used the powder up to the first line.
And than I added some water and gave it a great big stir...make sure you get all the lumps mixed up.  Add the rum and strawberries (I used about half of what I had made) and some ice.  Add some ginger-ale if you want it bubbly...
Yummy strawberry lemonade drink.  It was very refreshing!!

Now, if you don't have that tastefully simple drink mix...just make a lemonade (pink would also work...and they do make a strawberry lemonade mix...they didn't have either one when I was in the store which is why I used the yellow mix).  Also, try throwing the strawberries in a blender with the rum and than some water and ice and lemonade mix and you can have a frozen drink...I don't have a blender:( 

So, who's up for trying a frozen version and when can I come over????

The possibilities are endless!!  I'm going to buy more strawberries to infuse more rum b/c I wound up using all of my supply yesterday!!  Thanks Shop-Rite for the super coupon so I can get my strawberries for 99 cents!!!

Random thought:
    Use pineapple instead...that's yummy too

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