Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yes, my six year old is showing early signs of being a hoarder!!!  Holy crap...I was in her room and decided I needed to clean up...ha ha ha

I found the following items in, under and next to her bed:
That's an entire bin worth of clothes and a pair of shoes...yes, there was a pair of shoes INHERBED!!!  Check out the 'fake' hair she absolutely loves to wear. 
How many books does a 6 year old need to sleep with???

I think there were about 20 Barbies too...
3 purses, several polly pockets, 10 stuffed animals, a Moxy Girl Doll still attached to the cardboard(the empty box was found under the bed), doll clothes, 2 big pillows, 2 little pillows, shoes, clothes, books, blankets...I can't even think about what else was in there!!!  BTW- she sleeps in a single bed...really not a lot of space..

Should I put her in therapy???

Random thought of the day:
Doing math at 1AM seriously sucks...does not help you understand it any better!!! Guess the wine doesn't help either...ha ha ha


  1. What kind of math? Wow is all I can say.. Are you sure she wasn't sleeping in the crib and all her stuff was in the bed?