Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Owning a House...and not catching a break...

Let's talk about houses.  Houses are worse than kids in that there is ALWAYS something wrong with them.  They're great b/c most things can be ignored and not fixed immediately (especially the cosmetic stuff).  But, when something does go wrong, it generally goes really wrong and costs way too much money to fix.  You know, money that you just don't have!!!  So, when the kitchen drain doesn't do its job of draining, you have to wonder why.   Why oh why does this have to happen now.  But, I guess when things like this happen, you can take a look at everything else that goes wrong or doesn't work or isn't fixed and feel ok about it.  So, my washer has a funky smell and is upstairs while my dryer doesn't dry on the first go round and it's downstairs.  And, there are holes in my bathroom wall along with a hideous floor.  Oh, and, the upstairs shower has a garbage bag covering the holes in the tiles that have needed to be fixed since we moved in.  I mean, the list can go on and on and on.  But, this septic crap sucks!!!  Yup, it does.

And, on top of that, I think I will be losing a potential income.  Bummer... I was supposed to be taking care of another little baby starting Thursday and would have had him 3 days a week...extra little income would have helped us out tremondously.  But, looks like her MIL will be able to babysit for free.  I can't blame the girl for going in that direction but at the same time is just kinda sucks for us!!  And so, the struggle continues. 
On a positive note, I will be training to do some b-day parties on weekends and will be subbing for people who want to skip a weekend...that will be nice when it happens. 

So, I guess I will have to really figure out how couponing can work for me so that I can save in that way...and I will have to figure out how to sell more cake pops!!!  Boo!!

Oh, and now Franny girl has snot flowing out of her nose (it's like a waterfall going from her nose to her chest) every time she sneezes...yeah.  And, she has started pulling on her right eat!!  Fabulous...But, at least Max's head is fine...for now...the kid won't stop running around.  I mean, he is 2 and all but I wish he would settle down every now and again!!  Budget night was tonight and he wouldn't stop running around, climbing on the chairs and turning around and around on the seat...jeez, you'd think he'd learn.  Guess he's got a hard head!!  ha ha ha  On another note, Kyra sang tonight and was Awesome...loved her facial expressions as she was singing and doing her little movements!!  I would have had a pic, but the battery to the camera is still plugged into the wall.  We had the camera and the card...just no battery:(

Random thoughts:  No #2 in the house tomorrow!!!   ha ha ha ha hahaha
On waking Max this morning: oh, no mommy, I'm not done sleeping...rolling over and going back to that kid:)


  1. You could always move south where you would have a free babysitter so that you can go to work and we can go to the beach.... Duct tape Doug and do it..