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Holiday pic

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ankle Biters and Booby Pinchers...and than some.

You know, kids are awesome...most of the time...ha ha ha  But, when they're not, here are some things that will make you all laugh and chuckle b/c you know it's all happened to you too...

Babies like to bite everything they come into contact with...Lately, My little Franny Girl has decided that she likes to gnaw on my ankles and toes...ewwwwwwww.....gross!!!  I am totally not a foot person and really don't like the thought of people near my feet.  I also don't like to cut my own toe-nails (I know, they get kinda long sometimes) and have to go have someone else do it...

Hickeys:  Yes, she also like to suck on my arm...especially when I am denying her a boob b/c I know she has had enough milk and just wants to suck...hence, she finds my arm and starts sucking.  And than I have a nice hickey mark on my arm!!

Booby Pinching:  Ummmm, OUCH!!  I have marks on my boobs b/c I don't get her little fingers off of my boobs quick enough.  And she doesn't just pinch...she grabs skin, pulls and twists  OR  she will take her little thumb and pointer and do little itty bitty pinching (much like a lobster claw)...She doesn't bite my nipple but these little pinches are quite painful in and of themselves!!  When I pull her fingers away and tell her that it hurts, she gives me this big mega watt smile that I can't be mad at her...3 more months and I will begin to reclaim my boobs!!!

Now, on to diapers...what a pain in the ass they are.  And what a pain in the ass it is to figure out which diaper matches which child.  I mean, first you have to figure out how they pee (up or down) and how they poop (up or down) and than you have to figure out which diaper will be best.  Every one of my kids has used a different diaper...And, with boys, you have to remember to push that pee pee down so that the pee goes in the diaper and not up and out the top of the diaper.  And than, I just love when they sit there and smile and coo and gurgle and than all of a sudden you hear this noise come from the depths of their bellies.  It starts out a low rumble, their faces turn all red, you can hear them grunt, and than you hear it come out...and than, you see it coming up and out of the back of the diaper like an exploding volcano (yes, this happened today).  I don't know if it's better to have a onesie or t-shirt on when this happens...I guess it doesn't matter b/c both get covered in poop and you have to lift both over their heads, right?? 

I could probably go on and on and know, there's spit-up, throw-up and drool.  All 3 come out of their mouths but are completely different!!  Hence, the reason I don't bother to get dressed when I'm staying home...ha ha ha 

And yes, I have been pooped on, spit up on, threw up on, spit on (different from spit up), peed on, drooled on, bled on, kicked, hit, bit, pulled, tugged, pinched and so on.  But, alas, I am MOM and that's my job!!  What other job can you get so abused at and always get up in the morning wanting more???  NONE!!!

So, that's my story today and I'm sticking to it:)

Random thought for the day:  strawberry rum = YUM

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