Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stay at home Mom...vs...Starting a Business's late and I'm completely exhausted.  We all know how tiring kids can make you and how much work they are (as well as all the other stuff you're expected to do but can't keep up with in the house).  Good think I don't have to set goals and try and follow them b/c I would never get a raise!!!

So, this momma is trying to get a small business going...but it is sooooooo tiring and frustrating sometimes that I just don't see the point.  I have to make some $$$$$ and try to do it in little ways.  Aside from my small part-time job, I also do the odd baking gig and/or photo gig.  And, hopefully, this b-day party gig will pan out and I can make some extra money doing that.  And more recently, I am watching little Baby J but I don't know how long that will be for.  But, my real passion is the baking.  I love to make desserts and see the sheer joy of eating something GREAT and feel GUILTY all at the same time...yes, you can make a face that emanates those 2 things at the same time!!! And, I think I've really found my niche (it's only taken me 3 years) in the baking least for me.  But, there's the whole time issue.  I try to do things during the day but it always doesn't get done and I wind up baking at 10 o'clock at night...or, if I have to, I put my kids down and they will have to cry so that I can get it done.  But than, the 'household' stuff doesn't get done and the kids don't go outside...and so, I am back to my standstill of trying to figure out what to do:( are some pics from my day...we had Baby J for quite some time today and the other 2 were kinda cranky (Franny girls slept for a total of 30 minutes all day and it was nightmarish trying to get her to go to sleep...the Boob didn't work that well tonight...and it always works!!)  Then p/u older 2, make dinner, baseball practice, come home and try to get a quick shower, and than try to get your own tired and cranky baby to fall asleep, fall asleep on the couch yourself, and than wake up at 9pm to realize you still have to clean the dishes and make a cake!! tired now.  Here are some pics from the day (Franny had her first wagon ride and swing today)

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