Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, May 23, 2011

Holy Crap that was a long day...

And it just got longer because I somehow deleted everything I just wrote...AHHHHHHHHH

Day started out everyone up and out the door so that DJ could make it to his baseball camp (we had no school today) on time...we were 10 minutes early.  Yes...yes we were!! 

Start off towards my errands and guess what, my truck hasn't been inspected since last FEB.  Yup, I got snagged in one of those trap thingy's that the police like to set up...and...I really was clueless as to why he was pulling me over.  He must have thought I was the stupidest woman b/c I completely didn't even realize that it was expired.  Great...let's add some more money down the drain (or should I say in NY's pockets)  And, on top of that, I couldn't find the most updated insurance card in the truck...ooooops...gonna have to find that now too...geez, I'm not doing good, am I??? 

So, onward we go to Party City and spend too much money.  Should've hit the Dollar Store first and than Party City to see what I could get and where...But, when you have 3 kiddies with you, you just want to get it done.  And, at least most of the stuff for this shindig has been purchased...just need the food and flipflop stuff.  And, I still have to make up a cleaning schedule...ha ha ha   You know, I will talk about making a cleaning schedule and than it will all of a sudden be the friday before the party and I will be screaming like a banshee at everyone b/c it's not done and my kids will inevitably see my head spin around several times as I try and get everything done last minute.  (I just know myself too well...but I have made a step in the right direction by admitting I have a problem...right)

Get sneakers for 2 big kids and make it to my eye exam...wait for it...yes...10 minutes early.  What is going on today???  Get some stuff in Walmart (thank you for having my cake box and boards that I needed so that I didn't have to make an additional stop today)  and than hit Taco Bell for some cheesy roll-ups and burritos (um, YUM)  Yo Quiero Taco Bell!!!

And than we're off to Girl Scouts for Kyra...knocked 5 minutes off our time and got there 5 minutes early but am not sure that we are really supposed to be there or was it cancelled or what.  I see someone else go in with girls and than she comes out without girls so I know we are still on for this event.  Franny girl woke up so we all trudge out of the car...Kyra learns about gardening and MOmmy learns that this farm makes their own version of a Hard Cider!!  Oh, the things we learn in a day:)  And so, I went through my big-ass bag to see if I could scrounge up some change to pay for a bottle b/c you know I have to try theirs and see if it's better (or worse) than the Winery version.    All this while trying to nurse and keep Max settled with his cars so that he does not run off!!  Yeah, I tried it but I don't taste a lot of difference from the Winery version...and the winery version is a buck cheaper so they win!!   The farm stand was kind enough to also give us all an ice-cream cone.  Now, that was a real treat...and I pretty much ate about 2-3 cones all by myself.  Kyra didn't want hers b/c it was too messy and Max just wanted to go play.  Franny girls kept grabbing cone and shoving it in her mouth (she was digging it).  I wish I had remembered a camera today...would have gotten some great shots!!  Ah well...we will have to go back

Stop at garage to arrange for the truck to get inspected (not 'til Wednesday morning) and than off to pick up DJ.  Oh, I love it when he joins the said dripping with sarcasm.  But, I was able to bribe him with some Falone Bucks so that I could create labels for my cake pops and than put together the BLUEBERRY ones...which are awesome by the way!!!  And, I truly love bribery and the fact that my kids would rather the gift of Falone Bucks than real dollars...Now, if only I could just print up some of that real money like the Falone, that would make my life easier!!!

Got some dinner made, baths were taken and I sold some POPS!!!  Yeah...raising money for cancer research with them right now but am hoping that it will get my name out there and my product!!  Trying to start a business while also raising 4 (and sometimes 5...that be the hubby) kiddies is not an easy task.  Which is why I am usually awake when I should be sleeping!!  On that note, I am going to try and sleep right now!!  And watch the end of Jerseyliscious (yeah, I know, WTF is that show but I got hooked when I was nursing like all night long and they played it like all night lone)

Random Thought of the day:  I will not be annoying    I will not be annoying     I will not be annoying
      (yes, I made my daughter write this 15 times with the hopes that it will stick)

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