Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, May 20, 2011

Opening Day Farmers Market...and everything else that went with it:)

Today we had Baby J again for a few hours...figured out how to nurse one baby and feed the other a bottle and am learning what bribes work with the 2 yr old to get him to help or stay out of trouble or just out of the way for a little bit (ha ha ha)...I'm sure we will stumble and fall and than we will pick ourselves up again and keep going until we find our routine...or, we'll just keep stumbling and stumbling...ha ha.  And, I fear summer is near which means there will be the 2 older ones to contend with.  And let me say that with all this rain, they are really at each others throats this week.  I mean, it's like they are competing to see who gets more of this and who can tattle on who before they get a chance to come clean, and which one thinks the other one definitely DID NOT brush their teeth long enough...oh, it never ends.  And, I truly see the light and the horror that I am a PARENT...yes, a parent.  And, I sound like one too.  Jeez, I must have driven mine insane!!!
Here's the 3 little ones again...Franny Girl kept trying to stand up on the infant chair and get Baby J and Max just wanted to 'Hi' him (actually got mad at me when I turned him to face me)
And so, I decided it would be a good idea to meet a friend and her 2 little one's at the Farmer's Market a town over...Friday's are crazy at the house and you never know if I'm gonna have to duct tape any mouths  to be quiet b/c hubby might have a conference call (he works from home on Friday) and so I thought I'd get them all out of the house.  Estimated time of meeting up: 12:00...okay, GO!!  Feed 2 babies, get Max dressed, pack backs, brush teeth, oh crap- slather some deodorant on and try to primp hair.  And get dressed in dirty clothes b/c all of my clothes are awaiting their turn in the wash:)  Oh, and by the way, nursing bras SUCK!!!  They are huge and unsupportive and you need a full coverage shirt to cover them...
So, we head out the door at 12:00 (ok, we are a little late).  Make the call to let Baby J's grandma know to meet us at the market...oh, no, she's already left...quick, leave a VM and hopes she gets back to you.  Half way there, you pass her going to other direction...beep and flash lights and try calling again...Nope, not answering.  Turn around and go home so that she can take Baby J and you just have 2 little ones...ok, call friend and she's running late too, YEAH!!  Start out again...finally arrive and both babies are asleep:

Wake up babies and within a matter of getting Max in the stroller and strapping on Franny Girl, the big fat drops of rain arrive...and so we rush to a tent to wait it out:

Rain stopped and we walked through...both big kids tried some sorels...Franny ate her feet, and Mason Baby ate his binky:)

Aside from the fresh strawberries and tomatoes, we also found some Hard Cider (my favorite), fresh cider donuts (another yummy) some potatoes, plants and of course the puddles.  Max had a blast playing in that puddle (I think my hubby would have had several conniption (sp?) fits if he saw him playing in the water and then we walked to a local shop to try on some headgear:

Yes, lots of pics today...hope you are enjoying!!  And sadly, we said goodbye:

Because this momma had to go back home, drop off Max, pick up the 2 big kids from school bus and go all the way back to the town of the market for some gymnastics, tap, ballet, and jazz!!  Once all my big kiddies were in their respective classes, Franny girl (can't leave her home on a Friday b/c hubby is working you know and he can only take care of the 2 yr old these days when he's "working")  and I took a walk and treated ourselves to a spicy tuna roll...shhhhhhhhh...don't tell hubby b/c he will get sushi envy:) 
And, here I am posting before midnight...OMG...what's wrong with this picture.  Oh yeah, I talked myself into making cake tomorrow night instead of tonight!!! 

PS- thanks to my fellow blogging buddy for the shout out in her post this morning...I need to figure out how to tag her now in my posts!!  Help me:)

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  1. Love the pics! I recognize the onze that she had on! Peace momma....get some sleep!