Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It never ends...

So, I get up yesterday, get the kids out the door and rush over to the 'car fixer place' to have my truck inspected.  Yes, I will still have to pay for the f!#$ng ticket but at least I won't get another one.  While truck was on the lift, took a walk with Max and Franny Girls.  And, IT WASN'T RAINING!!!   I think we walked a lot longer than was necessary but we had to stop and change a poopy diaper and buy some tissues and try and manuever a double stroller into the bank...let me tell you, they don't make door openings for a single stroller...let alone a double stroller.  Since being a mom, I've noticed several things that make an outing with kiddies more difficult than it should be:

1. Door openings- if there are no automatic doors, you have to struggle to open door, pull stroller in, and run in after it...and, most Malls you have to do this twice.  Banks and restaurants have this weird double door system with a square between the 2 doors (you know what I mean??)...and sometimes the 2 doors don't line up so you have to go in, back up to the right or left and than forward's like trying to get into a really tight squeeze when you are parallel know, forward reverse forward reverse forward reverse all while turning the wheel a little to the right and/or left.  Wait, you mean you don't have that parking problem??  Oh, well, I guess it's just me and I do suck at it:)

2. Clothing stores- ummmmm those racks of clothes are way to close together and so not accommodating for pushing a stroller through.  It's not so bad when they are not grabby but still hard to get around all the racks.  Forget about me coming into your store once the kiddies get their grabby paddy's on!!  You would think they would be a little more aware of who their shoppers are during the day!!!

3. Grocery stores-  whose idea was it to put the candy in the check out aisles???  seriously???  I know, they just want a quick buck from all of us stressed moms who just give in to the candy to shut the kid up while you're trying to put groceries on the belt and than have to bag said groceries.  And, whatever happened to the baggers??  Especially for those prego women out there...I just got stares from the workers when I was prego  and I kept thinking to myself, are they gonna help or just stand around and pick their noses...guess what, they just stood around and picked their noses and than tossed in some candy bars b/c I needed them than. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

4. Car fixer places (this includes the oil change place and car wash)- when did we start having toys and things inside (this is for that oil change/car wash place)...and why is there no TV or anything for kids to do at the Car fixer place???  Thank goodness it was sunny and not the dead of winter yesterday so I could take the kiddies for a walk.  Next time, we'll have to sit in the car and watch a movie while it's in the lift and being looked at.  And, do they really think I want to pay them 80 bucks to change out a part in my door that I am perfectly capable of doing myself???  Yes, I know what I need to do to change the part for my window...we just have to order the actual part!!!

5. Bathrooms- I don't think I have a problem with the bathrooms themselves b/c we've come a long way with them.  I mean, the double stroller fits in the handicap stall and the men's room actually has a changing station in most cases.  My problem is with the people in those bathrooms...especially the single ladies who are not handicapped and don't have children with them but for some reason feel the need to use the biggest bathroom and take forever.  Do these ladies think that they will get less germs b/c the walls are farther apart???  And, if you're gonna use this stall, don't take a crap b/c there might be some poor mom on the other side with a child about to pee their pants but they can't use the smaller stalls b/c not everyone fits in there!!!

6. Nursing- Yes, I nurse my kids.  I have gone from being the mom afraid to nurse in public to the mom who just doesn'tgiveashitmykidneedstoeatandit'sonlynatural mom!!  If you don't want me to 'whip' it out, than you should be providing a private place for moms to feed their children.  And, don't expect us to go in the bathroom and do it b/c that's just gross!!!  And, don't make it so the booths don't move and there's not enough room to whip it out while being inconspicuous about it because most of of nursing moms don't want to let everyone see what they've got...we just want to feed out babies!!

7- BabyCones at the ice-cream store- I don't understand how you can charge me 25 cents less than the small but only put 50% of the ice-cream on it.  How does that work??  What happened to that dollar cone that was really little and worth the buck???

8- Burger King Kids Meals: kids love 'em...I can't stand 'em!!  Your typical meal is the nuggets or burger with FF and a small soda.  If you make any changes, you are charged more...did you know this??  So, if you want milk and 'apple fries' you will be charged more.  Did you know that??? 

9- Sidewalks and outdoor markets: To those towns who have great sidewalks, please disregard.  There are some towns where the sidewalks are horrific and extremely difficult to manuever a stroller on.  And to those outdoor markets on actual pavement...kudos!!  But to those other markets (and of course these are the ones I do to) know the ones that set up on the grass and getting a stroller through is not the easiest thing to do???  Move it to the pavement...again, who are your biggest customers???

10- Strollers without a cupholder...need I say more???  Where am I supposed to put my beer during the next parade or outdoor party???

OK- so I went off on a little tangent there. 

Random thoughts:
- rubbed my eye so hard yesterday that a contact lense came flying out and onto the CVS floor...yeah, don't think I'll be getting that lense back anytime soon!!!

- Husbands are like a know there are things that need to be fixed but you never know if and when these things can be changed and/or fixed!!! 
And so, I will leave you with some pics of my kiddies doing some dancing:

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