Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Boobs...and other things...

Yes, there they are...the Boobs.  And boy are they huge lately.  I went bra shopping today and thanks to my lovely children, they are not as perky as they used to be...ha ha ha...not even close.  And, they are a lot bigger than they used to be (thanks Franny Girl for keeping them going).  So, I had to go get a bigger strapless number for a dress.  Thank goodness I found a dress cheaply (thanks Glitz) and could therefore buy that bra that cost more than the dress:)  And thank goodness for good friends who have random green shoes in their closet to match said dress...and speaking of boobies...holding these suckers in is definitely a challenge when working out.  Yoga and Pilates is one thing b/c you are not really bouncing up and down but when you go to those classes (such as Bootcamp) that make you jump, you really need to think!!  And so, I go with a sports bra 2 sizes too small, another sports tank on top and than a regular tank on top of that...seems to work for now!!  Here's hoping they start to go down and all the sore muscles are worth it!!  Perhaps the jugs will go down as well...who knows what the future holds..

Extreme couponing- I think it's a disease...but, I also think that one of those people should come to my house once a year and do a shopping for me...I use coupons and stock up on stuff but I just don't get how these people can spend all of their time doing that???  And how do they get so many coupons for things that they actually need??  Or are they just buying stuff that they have the coupons for and don't really need??  It's crazy, isn't it??

Sleeping...nope, not so much these days.  We are still sleeping on the couch but at least she's not sleeping on top of me all night long!!   Yeah...that definitely helps that back pain:)

Blogging- I don't really know what I'm doing if I should falter or not make sense, forgive me.  I think I'm still trying to figure out what I want to get out of this.  What do you want to get out of it??  It's turning into more of a discovery of myself and re-discovery of myself than I thought.  And yes, I will still be honest...I promise...even when I do stupid things it will help to know that I can make you all laugh at my stupidity!! 

Off to sleep now...let's hope it's longer than last night:)


  1. I think your blog is great! Like I am in your mind floating about.... 8)