Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother-in-laws and those older women who think they know best...

Yes, that's right, you all know who I'm talking about.  It could be your Aunt, grandma, great-aunt, mother in laws, big sisters, or even your own mother...but we all know who they are in our own lives and we all get irked by them, right???  Please tell me I'm not the only one!!!

So, mine happens to be my MIL...and yes, she does have a way of getting on my nerves.  And, I know, she comes from a different era and she grew up in a different 'world' from me (you know, the one where they had to walk uphill to school both ways in the freezing rain with a skirt on world) and she raised kids in a different 'world' too.  Well, my Franny Girl just does not like her for some reason.  Perhaps it's because she tells me that Franny is spoiled and that I hold her too much and that shouldn't she be sleeping through the night by now, and you have to let her cry sometimes, etc.  The list can go on and on and on...and not just about my child rearing ways either...

Did you know that I don't wash my kitchen table???  (sorry babe, had to throw that in there)  And, did you also know that I don't make friends easily??  And I'm sure she doesn't understand why my laundry is not folded or folded but not put away b/c it's always in the living room when they come up.  And yes, they tend to come visit almost every Sunday (thank God when I do get to go to sad library is closed on sundays...sniffle sniffle).  And, when they come, they bring food for dinner...not just any food, but food that I get to prepare for them and than clean up after!!And it's never just s simple meal either...think, full out family sunday dinner!!!


OK, back to Franny Girls and my leaving for work today: because our backyard looks like the Little House opener (see previous entry), my hubby needed to go out and mow even though the grass is sopping wet...and of course it's going to take him an eternity to do it b/c of the sopping wet grass that is 2 feet tall.  And so, I had to walk out of the house threatening my 2 older ones to stay by Franny and try and play with her so that she would not continue to cry hysterically b/c the MIL was also nearby.  I swear, I think she must pinch the girl when I'm not looking just so she can say I spoil her for picking her up!!!  And than, she gets offended when the 7 month old does not want her to pick her up!!!  AHHHHHHH....she's a baby.  And if picking up my kids and holding them while getting things done and letting her sleep with me for now b/c we're nursing and she doesn't sleep through the night means that I'm spoiling her, than I guess I will continue to spoil her for the rest of her life.  Because I will always be there to hug, cuddle, pick up the pieces, cry with, laugh with all of my matter what!!!  (OK, I know she's there for her kids too, but it just gets under my skin and I'm glad to come to work when they come visit!!)  And, today, they are ordering pizza so I will not have to worry about cooking or finishing dinner when I get home!!!

And so, if you have one of these women in your lives, please know that we are all thinking of you and just grin and bear it.  And remember to SMILE!!!  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (and laugh like you really mean it)  And if all else fails, just go have that really big glass of WINE we know you want to have:)


  1. Glad it's not me:)

  2. That's annoying. Be glad it's real food that you can eat, though.My in-laws had this disgusting habit of lugging down an entire cooler of either expired or nearly expired food, gallon containers of milk with like 2 TB of sourish milk inside, etc., and then trying to cram it all in my fridge. My MIL doesn't know how to cook anything but tea, really, so I have to do the cooking as well. I finally took matters into my own hands after this happened time and again, and chucked the food. When we go to visit them, I pretty much eat cereal.

  3. LOL You make me laugh...thank you!