Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kids on Parade...

So, after pinching my thumb on the corkscrew last night, I proceeded to down my glass of wine and fall asleep before getting a chance to write to you all.  And so, here I am, about to tell you about my day yesterday and you will no longer wonder why I did fall asleep (in a sitting up position with Franny girl still attached to the boob no less).

After the big kiddies leave for school, Baby J comes to play.  I use the word play loosely as he's only 2 months old...he he he.  Max and Franny Girl try to 'play' with him...but alas, he likes to eat poop sleep eat poop sleep    and in no particularly order all while crying...and let me tell you, he does cry loud and hard when he's tired and hungry!!!  Franny girl was wondering what that noise was...

Hubby gets home from the spermy doctor (he's still got those little swimmers so he's gotta go back next month) and we get all 3 kiddies in the car to go to the Farmers Market.  This week, I made sure to let Grandma know we would be there so she didn't have to come out to my house and so we didn't have to turn around to bring Baby J back!!  Franny Girl is crying...Baby J is crying...and Max is just talking and talking and talking (this kid really never stops talking).  We pick up Ava (her mommy doesn't have enough room in car for all the kiddies she's got this week), climb all over the truck (because, you know, having a truck is just soooooo much easier to have when you have 4 kids) to put in extra carseat (we played musical car seat set-up yesterday) and we're off to the market!!  Did I mention that I decided to shove myself into a strapless sundress with my boobs hanging out (hence the shove into part)???  But, this mommy doesn't want to get tan lines so soon!!!

Get to market and now we have the task of getting 6 kiddies across the street...3 of which can't walk yet.  We probably could have given them all an instrument and had our very own marching band (though I think the little ones might have eaten all the instruments).  1 double stroller, 1 umbrella stroller, 1 baby in the infant seat being carried, and 2 big girls trying to push the umbrella stroller later and we made it to the shady tree to set up for our picnic lunch!!  And let me tell you, yesterday was not a cool day.  It totally went from like 70 degrees to 90!!  Poor babies were so hot...

After lunch and run around time, we decide to load 'em back up and hit the deli across the street so we can do potty time...b/c there are no bathrooms at the Farmer's Market and this mommy had to p.o.o.p. (yes, I did)  But, that's ok, because it was an excuse to get the little ones to go to... 

And, back to the market we go...and yes, we are still sweating out boobies off!!!  Walk through the market... thanking goodness the kiddies didn't see the $3 ice-pops...and didn't buy a single thing.  Nope, even a hard cider this week.  I think it was just too darn hot and at that point, we were all pretty much finished for the day!!

And so, we load 'em up again and head home!!  Now, I drop Ava back with her mom at their place and start driving home.  Now, this is hysterical and if I was there 30 seconds earlier you all would have been privy to a picture of it but I couldn't figure out what I was seeing...Getting on the highway, there was a car pulled over and a woman with her pants around her ankles was squatting and pissing on the road.  Yup, right there in plain daylight without even attempting to hide herself!!  Ummmm, can you say gross and disturbing??? 

OK- back home for round 2...get snacks and drinks packed up for a night of gymnastics and dance.  Try to leave baby home but wind up taking the 2 yr old, baby, and the 40 something year old on top of the big kids.  Really, should've just left hubby and the littles home...Guess he'd rather come than stay at home with the 2 little ones???  Kyra got costumes and we saw both her dances...DJ got no costume and we didn't see his dance.  But, we got sushi, chinese food, and pizza!!  Max learned how to use chopsticks and Franny Girl devoured a crab rangoon and some noodles w/chicken (she loves chinese food...must have been all those meals of chinese food I craved and ate while prego with her...)

And so, I was tired and fell asleep.  But, here's a pic of me shoved into my summer dress (and with pigtails).

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