Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, May 6, 2011


Have you ever just sat in the middle of your floor, looked around and wanted to cry??  Yeah, me neither...ok, that's a lie.  I couldn't help but look around and notice all the toys and clutter and clothes yet to be put away and thought of all the things I needed to do.  And, I had to figure out what needed to actually get done and when before I could actually do any of it.  I get overwhelmed sometimes and have a mini 'feel sorry' kind of thing and than I get over it...well, I try to get over it.  I make my list and move on.  Lists make everything better and than I take it one step at a time.  And, I hope that it all gets done!!  I can't get ahead of the day to day stuff that needs to get done, so when a family function/party is about to happen, I have a tendency to freak out and yell a lot and get mad and yes, sometimes cry.  But, than I pick myself up and move on and just get it done.  Now, if only I could skip the mental breakdown and just move on, I think things would run smoother...right???
On top of it all, I am completely and utterly exhausted these days!!  Though, I just can't seem to figure out we know, but look how cute she is:

God, I love that girl but she really needs to start sleeping on a regular basis.  That and the other one (love him too) needs to stop waking up so early these days!!

And, did you know that he has a butt??  And you have a butt??  And I have a butt??  Hey, did you know that every body has butts, Ma??  (yes, he did say all that while we were bra shopping yesterday...forgot to mention least he wasn't talking about booby milk this time)

Ok- that's all I'm about tonight.  Everyone is sleeping now so I'm gonna pass out too!!

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  1. Ok, are you just reading my mind now? We are living parallel lives in NY and CT. I do the same breakdown/yelling thing. But I need the breakdown because then I take a breath and get it done. My daughter turned 4 in April and I decided to have her party at a children's museum. (Great! No mess at my place or my parent's place.) But instead there's "Will everyone find it ok?" Fill up all the goodie bags? Wanted to save money on the cake so decided I could do it myself which resulted in me not sleeping AT ALL the night before the party. Breaking down at midnight because I thought it would be terrible and had no backup. But so happy at 4am when it all came together. Then wrapping her presents at 5am. Layed out everyone's outfits. Got in the shower before anyone woke up. Then feeding and dressing everyone and screaming to get out the door cause we're gonna be late, late, late! And yet no one appreciates how much of your own well-being you've sacrificed to make sure your little girl has the best birthday ever. But that's what being a mom is all about, right?