Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, May 16, 2011


Yes, change is good.  And I'm not talking about changing...nope, I'm talking about that wonderful little thing you collect and always comes in handy when you need it.  Change!! You didn't think I was going to try and change, did you???  lol   Though, I am trying to be more positive about life these days...(key word there, trying)...
I love my change and I am always saving my change.  Why you ask??  Well, because change can add up... I once saved the change that my customers left me on the bar and it totaled about $1400...we used that for our trip to Ireland!!  So, yes, change is a very powerful thing.  And today, my change helped us get groceries!!  Yes, I had to do it...we raided our change so that I could buy fresh fruit and veggies...some bread and milk and of course put some gas in my truck for the week(though, I don't think it will last a week with these gas prices...hopefully it will last until Thursday when I really do get a paycheck).  But, now the change is gone and we have to start over again.  So, when you drop that penny or nickel...don't worry, I will be there to pick it up because my change has never disappointed me!!

And now onto other things...let's talk RECITAL...ha ha ha...yes, dance recital tickets go on sale tomorrow morning.  I love to watch my kids perform in their dance recitals and I love to help out backstage.  But, I have a tendency to wait to buy tickets.  And, we always wind up sitting in the last row off to the side and can't really see much.  But, do I want to go stand in a really long line and buy tickets tomorrow??  You have no idea...some of these Moms get there super early and stand in line so that they can buy their tickets and get front's a dance recital, right???  And they are really cute...just take a look:

But, who wants to take 4 kids to stand in line???  Oh, what to do what to do???  And, how are we gonna pay for these tickets...and the school pictures we just go home???  I don't know yet, but we'll have to figure it out, right??  I think this is why I just don't go buy the damn tickets to begin with b/c I just never know how to pay for them.  And than, do we buy the in-law tickets or not??  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I know, you're probably asking how we actually pay for them to take these lessons in the first place, right??  Well, we have a generous donor:)  For without that, these kids would not be dancing.  And, the following kiddies would not have costumes to play in:

OK- I'll go tomorrow and get tickets...I don't have to volunteer this year and I thought I should get some good seats!!  Hopefully, as hubby says, we will be somewhere in the first 20 rows...And, at least they started a rule that all of those crazy moms who will be standing outside the door clawing to get in, can't buy more than 10 tickets tomorrow!!!

Random thought: 
    I make AWESOME cookies...just sayin'  (chocolate chocolate chip rock)

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