Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Communion...and another family function...

Tomorrow (or actually is about 10 hours) my eldest son will be making his First Holy Communion.  He is very excited and of course so are we.  I just never seem to have enough time during the day to get anything done...and so here it is almost 1AM and I have done what I can.  There will be some missed crumbs on the floor and the vacuum cleaner did not make it's usual appearance, nor did the duster (she was in school all  But, my guests will be able to sit on a clean toilet seat and look into a nice mirror when they wash their hands!!  Cake is made, cake pops are done, pork is in the crockpot for pulled pork, and the ziti/stuffed shells are made, salad made...and yes, we bought a fruit tray already cut up.  Now for a quick nap and than on to showering, coffee and ironing!!

On another note, Max really is the cutest kid.  We talked on the way home today about him tucking me into his bed and that's when I would be able to say 'I Love You' to him...not before.  And than, he would eat his noodles and make cake for me.  I asked him if he would clean the bathroom and sweep as well and he said sure...and than eat and make cake.  He was very intent on tucking me into his bed and than eating and making cake!!  That kid is gonna know how to cook and bake in no time!!  Now, if only we could get him out of his terrible twos, all would be well...except of course Franny Girl will be there in no time:(

Lots of things coming season is upon us, recital, baptism, end of school, etc.  Busy busy busy!!

Random thoughts for the day:

Ants Ants Ants- go away and don't come back another day!!
I'm coming, I'm not coming, I'm coming, I'm not coming, I'm coming, I'm not coming, I'm coming...whew
Wine, it does a body good!!
Mom- I'm going to tuck you in so you can sleep in my bed!!

Future topics: Reward system and how it's losing time...working out and weight loss (if any and why it didn't happen this week...ummm...stress, hello??), sleeping (or lack of), underwear and what to do with those granny panties you get but don't wear (he he he), and whatever life brings my way!!

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