Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, May 20, 2011

Strawberry Rum...Yummy

OK, so I hope it will be yummy.  Today, I started to infuse some rum with strawberries.  I saw a post from Bon Appetite (yes, I get posts from them on FB) about infusing liquor with your favorite summer fruit for a great drink...and I remembered that we used to do this at a restaurant I worked at.  My brother, actually, came up with the idea, bought a really big pretty infuser type thingy (wish I had a pic of it), chopped up some fresh pineapple and dumped in the vodka.  People loved it.  And so, I was reminded of this idea and decided to try it myself.

First, my husband chopped the strawberries (I was holding a baby at the he was generous enough to lend a helping hand):
And then we poured in the rum (I prefer the taste of rum to vodka)
I mean, how easy is that???

My container is not a pretty one, but I'm hoping it will do the job.  The covered container is sitting in the back of my fridge (a cool, dark place) and I am supposed to go back and shake it every couple of days.

So, next weekend, I will drain the liquor our of the strawberries and add it to fresh lemonade topped with fresh strawberries...let's hope it works b/c I am drooling just thinking about it. 

I will update you all next week...and perhaps show some progress through the week in case I just can't wait:)


  1. WOW I dont know how I missed this post..but inquiring minds want to know!

  2. I will save you thinking about tasting it tomorrow check on the progress:)