Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Crap...

Yup...I have no specific topic today...just rambling:)

Got the septic pumped yesterday morning so that we could all flush the toilets and run the water...oh, and wash dishes and clothes and things like that...nothing important:)  More money down the drain...(no pun intended...ha ha ha).

Franny girl got checked out and she does not have an ear infection!!  YEAH!!!  Thinking a tooth or some teeth are coming in.  So, she has been drooling like a big dog and spitting up more frequently...speaking of spitting up...Max, in all his cuteness, was trying to burrough himself onto my lap while she was sitting there and low and behold, Franny just lets it all come out of the mouth and onto his head!!  And, of course, Max was totally skeeved out by it b/c he is really anal and retentive and sensitive to being dirty and/or sticky.  Ha...we will have to re-introduce sand to him so that we can go to the beach again this year!!

Got the call last minute to go pick up my neice at daycare yesterday.  My kids were in their glory...this cousin is like a prize that walks into the house for the big 2 kiddies.  They try and woo her to do what they want to do and hope she 'picks' them so that they can hold it over the other big kids head.  And than you have Max who doesn't want her to touch anything in HIS playroom!!  I think Franny girl enjoyed being shoved back into her infant seat b/c she fell asleep and I didn't have to wake her to come into the house!!  Yes, folks, the little heffer (is that an oxymoron??) weighs in at 22 pounds, 12 ounces and she's only 7 mos. old!!!!!!

Today, we had another baby come and play with us...he sure is cute!!  But Franny girl and Max both felt the tug of another baby in the house...and Franny girl had 'bottle' envy of J's I made her one and she played/ate with it so that I could actually feed the baby who really wanted the food!!  Oh, and Max did help feed both babies!! 
This is how we get lunch made around here:)

This is what happens after lunch!!  And the Baby J slept at the same time, so I snuck into the shower really really quickly.  It had to be done b/c you see, the grease was starting to slide down my face from my hair and it was really unattractive...oh, and, the jungle had to be mowed from the pits b/c Max thought so!!!!

Baseball cancelled on the first night it stops raining.  lol  I'm actually glad it was cancelled b/c I really don't like the field it was supposed to be on!!  There is no bathroom, no concessions and we are literally playing in lots of peoples back, Thank You for cancelling!!!

That's about it...tomorrow we get Baby J again...let's see how the day goes with them are a few pics to keep you smiling (they will be my random thoughts for the day)

This is her new thing...cocking the head to the side!!  Oh, and can you see the drool on the shirt???

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