Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dance Recital, Head Banging, and Sleeping...

Ok, so we went yesterday afternoon for tickets...yes, we made it to buy tickets on the first day...and guess what??  We still wound up with Row V...yup, guess we should have arrived at 8am yesterday morning and stood on line, outside in the rain, with 4 kids...I will never know what it's like to sit near the front for a dance recital...just sayin'

Get home yesterday and start finishing dinner (we had ckn in crock pot...b/c some days I am pretty smart and on top of some things).  There is no homework to get done as kids were off from there is some running around as usual.  I mean, where else are they supposed to run on rainy days but around the house, right???  (this drives me crazy by the way...the running inside)  And, yup, Max trips and falls right into the wall.  And not just the flat part of the wall, but the corner.  And so, there's blood gushing out of his head, water is starting to boil for rice, brocoli is almost cut and in pot, and Franny girl is being held.  Drop Franny on the floor while yelling at DJ/Kyra to play with her and make sure she doesn't fall backwards and tend to Max...clean up blood with wet rag, DJ/Kyra abandon Franny girl to see Max's head (much more interesting than making sure baby doesn't fall on hard floor), call doctor to see what to do (of course the office is closed and have to wait for call back), finish brocoli and rice, get food on the table...all is well...whew...his head is doing well...really...

Daddy gets home, showers get started...and Max rolls off the couch and onto the floor...ha ha ha...I love that kid!!  Franny girl had just fallen asleep too:(  Put everyone to bed and Franny still awake (of course b/c she was woken up)...but, she pooped so it was good that she was awake, right??  Just thinking positive here!!
She is still waking every few hours for snacking...I've tryed to put her back to sleep without shoving a boob in her mouth but than I realize that I just want to sleep so in goes the boob...(I know, I know...really bad habit...sleep bootcamp starts June 24)
4AM comes around and here comes Max running down the stairs looking for CAKE!!  Yup, that's right...I think he was sleeping though.  Hubby comes down after him and tries to console him and he breaks down hysterically crying b/c he wants his cake!!  Get him back upstairs but now he needs to change into his jammies (that's right, I put him to bed in his clothes) and change his diaper b/c he thought he was just than going to bed...ha ha ha...try to wake him up this morning and he pushed me away and told me that he wasn't done sleeping yet, rolls over and closes his eyes.  30 seconds later, he opens his eyes and asks for his cake!!!  I love that kid...
Now, Franny girl has snot running down her face in rivers and Max is up my butt!!  Gotta yoga today so I may be more cranky...but hey, we can all be tired and cranky together!!!

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  1. sigh....tired out just reading was great seeing you all yesterday! Glad you got tickets, stinks they were so far back....glad Max is ok!