Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Gym...and some other stuff...

Let me just preface this entry with the fact that you will never, ever see any pictures in any post that has a subject dealing with working out...unless of course I miraculously get great tone definition, lose about 10 inches on my boobs and waist, and drop about 20 pounds!!!  And let me tell you , none of those things have occurred yet!!

With that being said, I wanted to let you all know that in the room where these classes are being held, not only are the mirrors a little wacky, but the floors have these invisible feet covered in big, thick steel-toed boots that come up and kick you in the ass!!  Yup...I'm serious.  I felt those boot-clad feet kick my ass several times this morning...kicked me so much that I think I was gonna die on the floor at the beginning, middle and end of (tough one today).  But, alas, as I lay there thinking about dying, I looked over and saw that something actually did die from taking these classes...yes, that poor little bug looked so helplessly still as it laid there on it's back and little feet in the air.  And I thought to myself, thank goodness I really didn't meet my untimely death like that little critter.  Can you imagine??  Death by exercise???  Whew, he actually gave me that last spurt of energy to peel myself up off the floor and finish the class!!  ha ha ha...thanks.

So, I promised I would talk about something other than sleep and, you say??  Well, I don't know what to say about it these days...unless there is such a thing as mental telepathy know, it would be just my luck that there is such a thing as that and my hubby will want to do it b/c you know, I get enough sleep these days and want nothing more than to think about that.  Please tell me, how/when you all have time for it.  Franny Girl was conceived during a middle of the night started out as a dream frolick in the hay...and that's usually when we did it.  God, my husband is going to think I'm talking too much about this but he has a thick skin...right honey???  And, since he got snipped, he is going to have to get checked out to make sure the little swimmers can't swim anymore.  And, they told him he would need to...ahem...ejaculate at least a dozen times before the actual sample is taken.  Did these doctors think to consult the wives before they told the men this??  And do the men actually think that they can  take the chance of some little swimmers being gold medal ones and still making it out??  Again, how do you think we got our last unexpected little blessing???  Pull-out method just doesn't work!!!  Seriously, I speak from experience...and neither does that stupid knowing your cycle and timing crap.  Believe me...take your birth control and wear condoms if you don't want any accidents.  Or, just abstain if you can.  And if you can't, I'll give you some kids...they can be a great form of birth control:)

Here's a random thought involving working out and having sex- I have a tendency to lose feeling in my fingers/toes and my mouth starts to feel pins and needly when I work out.  I asked what that meant and the instructor said it meant I was working too hard.  Now, I've also had this feeling after having sex...does that mean that I was 'sexing' too hard??  Just wondering...TMI, I know...sorry..(but not really)

OK- it's 11:20 and I have nothing to do but fall asleep...yes, I do talk about sleep a just happens to be on my mind.  Franny girl fell asleep around 9...let's see how long she goes for:)

Random thoughts of the day:
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (that's all I got right now)
Wine Diva   (yup...that is def. me and now I have my very own glass that says it..)

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  1. Oh man, sex after kids... where do I start? It's hard! I have to psyche myself up to just doing it already. Cause, let's face it, women just don't need it as much as men. Sure, there are those psycho sex fiends that I've heard of. But are any of them stay-at-home moms, sans nannies, of 2 or more children? I'm putting down a thousand bucks on NO. It's exhausting! And I really believe that something happened to me, chemically, after having my first child that killed my sex drive. I used to love it! Couldn't get enough! Now, I'm a sex camel. Much to the dismay of my husband. Therefore, I have to suck it up and just do it. Take the initiative and all that jazz. And once we're into it, it's great and I think to myself "Hey I like this! Why don't I just do it more often?" Oh that's right, I haven't had one morning where I've woken up on my own in 4 years. It's such a common, basic luxury that people take for granted until it's gone forever. Thus, my conclusion is more sleep leads to more sex. Husbands! You want more sex? Rent a hotel room for a night, give your wife the key and tell her you will put the kids to bed and take care of them in the morning so that she can go sleep until management comes to kick her out the next day. I will put down another grand that you will get lucky the following night.