Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pigs were flying...

Yes, did you see the pigs flying this morning???  No, really??  Than, you must be in Hell and it's FREEZING...right???  ha ha ha...wanna know why??  OK-

This morning, my entire family was up, dressed, fed and out the door by 8:30 for a 9am baseball game.  And, here's the kicker (I think all my nagging and yelling is finally paying off with the hubby), we worked as a TEAM!!  Yup, you heard it first hubby and I actually worked together to get us all out the door!!  I didn't have to ask him to do anything...he just did it.  Whew...that was a great morning. 

Once we got to the field, I worked over in concessions and he manned the kiddies at the game and than took all 4 of them on some shopping errands...yup...that's husband took all 4 kids to Walmart and Michael's (yes, he went into a craft store).  And so, today, I am renaming it DougIsGreatDay because he was awesome.

Boob explosion alert- while in the concession stand, I was in agony with fully boobies...that was the one thing I forgot to do before we left for the field.  Thank goodness no one walks around with a needle b/c if they had accidentally stabbed the boobs, they would be covered in booby milk.  I was about to start asking people if they wanted some milk in their coffee...they'd have gotten the surprise of a lifetime!!!

After that, we all came home and ate know, the basic stuff you need to do.  I baked a cake and he weed-wacked some grass.  I think our back lawn is not going to get mowed anytime soon.  Right  now, it looks like we could stumble down the hill in high weedy grass with Little House music playing in the background and we would be happy in this image...ha ha, stop raining so that my yard can look like a yard and not a hill Laura Ingalls Wilder runs down while laughing and smiling!!!

Oh, and I went to learn how to do a birthday party at a preschool today!!  Here's hoping it works out b/c I could absolutely use the extra $$ and it would be on weekends...perfect time to torture my husband by sending him out grocery shopping while I go

And, I will be watching Baby J for a couple days here and hopefully that, too, will work out!!  I just want to get out of this rut.  And now, we have to figure out the Baptism party and Kyra's b-day party (at least we are combining the 2 celebrations but it's going to be a lot of people for 30 or so, I think).  Thank God for government checks b/c we will most likely be using some of our refund for, we don't go crazy or anything b/c we do it at the house, but I still have to figure out menu and price out the craft for the girls...Design your own Flip Flop!!  Should be fun for everyone:)  But, lots to do to get ready...and lots of house to scrub.  My cousin and her daughter are coming from Michigan and my mom is coming up from North Carolina so we have to assign beds and floor space:)  And, I will have to go around and scrub molding and windows and, if you want to see my house super duper clean, you should come visit me on saturday, June 4:)

Oh, and did you know that next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend??  Wow...that really came up fast!! Looking forward to hanging out and seeing people we haven't seen in awhile!!

OK- my cake pops are done (making purple ones to raise money for Relay for Life) and everyone else is sleeping.  I can't figure out why I am not sleeping yet...just waiting for Franny Girl to wake up...this is her time:)  Maybe one day she will skip this feeding??? 

Sleep Bootcamp countdown has begun: 5 weeks and 4 days 'til crib time...I don't know who's going to miss who more:(

Random thoughts of the day:
Hugging is the BEST therapy!!  Have you hugged someone today???

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