Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Husbands and Diaper Bags

I don’t know about you, but my husband doesn’t really know how to pack a diaper bag.  He thinks he knows how, but…he really doesn’t know.  OK, let me re-phrase that…my husband doesn’t know how to pack a diaper bag  to my standards!!  He gets the staples in there (you know, like diapers for each kid…) But, when it comes to food, drink, and toys/things for kids to do, he is definitely lacking.  And I know this about him…and I know that I should leave a list…but, I just never do.  So, I think I’ll write one here and perhaps I’ll eventually write a check-list for him (but, really, we are on kid #4 so shouldn’t he just know these things???)
1. At least 2 diapers (or more depending on how long you’ll be away) for each kid still in diapers

2. Wipes (make sure the container is full)

3. Mathbox cars for the toddler who actually plays with them and/or lines them up

4. Bag of crayons and a coloring book and/or reading books for the scholarly/artistic child

5. Nintendo DS or similar video game for the vidiot child…fully charged of course…

6. Food Food and Food…yes, when you’re out, kids seem to eat more than normal, so pack extra snacks and make sure you have enough for all kids in your care to have equal amounts of what you’ve packed

7. Drinks…fill the water bottles or bring juice boxes for each kid…you will need it…

8. Baby toys for the infant

9. Food for baby…anything but just veggie stix (yogurt or a baby food and spoons)…and definitely a sippy cup or something…perhaps a bottle or something for said infant to drink

10. A flask filled with some form of liquor…seriously, I wish!!

Please tell me I’m not the only one whose husband doesn’t just know these things??  I could definitely go on with other things I think he should automatically know just b/c I know it, but we’ll just stick with diaper bags for tonightJ

Random thoughts:
Karma is a bitch…really…especially when it comes in the form of the Sock Police…(yes, I have always been the one to be annoyed at the parents who forget socks at mickey d’s…and of course I don’t have them for Max and the other women there were definitely sock police…or at least the little girl with them was…and did you know they sell socks for a buck there?? Learn something new every day…he he he)

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  1. Socks on the dollar menu? How funny is that.. The diaper bag saga is funny. You should just leave the list or pack it yourself.. He forgets if it isn't in pen and paper..