Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, May 2, 2011

Gyms and childcare...and other random thoughts..

Yeah, I started working out again or something like that.  I take some classes and haven't had a soda or french fries in 2 weeks.  After 4 kids, I think I deserve to get myself back into shape, right??  But than you start going and you drop the kids in the childcare area and all you do is worry.  So, is it worth it??  I guess there are some definite pros and some cons...right??  And, I guess it also depends on who is in the childcare area.  There is one woman whom I don't really care...I think her text messages are more important to her than the children.  I don't worry so much about Max being in there b/c he's bigger, can walk, can get away from kids bothering him.  Franny Girl- not so much.  She's pretty much stuck where she's plopped down and most of the time, little girls want to get right in her face and pretend she's a doll...I would want to play with her too...she is that cute!!  I wonder if the Gym can give me a schedule for who is in the room watching these kids??  Because I do like some of them (they are moms like me...and you).  That will be my next mission when I go:)  I really hate going to the classes right up the stairs from that room and hearing cries and trying to decipher if it's mine...Max, well, he's just that loud that I always know what he's doing and it's usually shouting NO  or MINE  or  YOU GO 'WAY...he's 2 you know!!  And, today was a Pilates class that really kept my mind on trying to do the exercises...which my body will be thanking me for shortly!!  ha ha ha

On other notes:
My 7mos. old likes to chew on if you know we are coming, I would unplug your appliances/computers/tv/etc b/c you never know if she will find the wire and start chewing.  She's like a little rat...her teeth marks are gonna start showing up soon!!

My 6 (holy crap she's gonna be 7 in a month) yr old eats Chapstick and Lip Gloss.  Yes, I firmly believe that.  And, she can sniff it out better than a dog can sniff out his food... She knows when I've bought a new one and grabs it out of the bag before I know it's gone and than, I swear, eats it.  Because she never knows where it is when I ask!!

My 2 yr old is definitely 2!!  And please don't take it personally when he tells you that he doesn't like you and that he doesn't want you.  He says it to me on a daily basis...and it's usually b/c he doesn't want his diaper changed.  Guess that potty training I had in mind is not gonna happen just yet...bummer...

My 8yr old- religion practice tonight...yup, he's gonna make his communnion this weekend.  He practiced taking the host today and informed me that it tasted like plastic...ha ha ha

That's all- here's hoping I get some sleep...though I fear it's gonna be a long one...teething something fierce tonight...and here's hoping I can make it to the end of my show tonight!!  I saw the scroll on the bottom of the tv last night about the president making his big announcement and proceeded to fall asleep before he came on and before both of my shows ended:(  So, anyone know who was booted from Celebrity Apprentice and how CSI Miami ended???

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