Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, August 1, 2011

Carnivals and Shop Rite...

Yes, all in the same day...we had a carnival earlier today and proceeded to go to Shop Rite later... Aren't you jealous??  Shop Rite can actually probably be compared to a Carnival, don't you think???

Here are the similarities I noted between the two:

1. Carnival- knock over the cans with bean bags...
    Shop Rite- knock over cans with sippy cups

2. Carnival- Big Pin Bowling game... you know, an actual bowling game in the drive-way
    Shop Rite- Big People Bowling game using the cart... you know, line up the people and knock 'em over with your cart

3. Carnival- Basket Ball Hoop Toss ... Get the ball in the basket
    Shop Rite- Food Toss ... get the bags of food in the basket

4. Carnival- Popcorn, Peanuts and Hotdogs are served
   Shop Rite- grapes and crackers are served as we 'stroll' through the aisles

5. Carnival- Golf ... get the golf ball in the tin can
    Shop Rite- drop said grapes on the floor and watch it roll into random holes

6. Carnival- Face painting and tattoos
    Shop Rite- chocolate and smooshed grapes work for face painting...who needs the paint???

7.  Carnival-  The sweet smell of the popcorn and candy
     Shop Rite- the sweet smell of Max's poop   (sorry to all of shop rite for the stench left behind in every aisle we visited as we were not prepared for a poop today...and, shop rite really isn't prepared for mommy's to change diapers!!!  oh, and thanks to the lady at the check-out line who felt the need to let me know that one of my children had a poop)

8. Carnival- the cost to get in was school supplies
   Shop Rite- the cost of going is just cold hard cash

9. Carnival- some have bumper cars (I know, ours today didn't, but some do and for the purpose of this list, let's say there were bumper cars)
    Shop Rite- Bad-ass car carts that don't fit down check-outs and you are forced to bump and grind your way through it to get out all while hoping you don't bump into another shopper and cart as they are leaving the store... (I really do hate these carts but of course we pull into a spot and there in front of us was one of these token carts and Max was just so excited that him and Franny Girl could sit in it so I was a sucker and we used that cart today...yuck)

10. Carnival- you all leave with a smile on your face from the good times you had
      Shop Rite- everyone else has a smile on their face when you walk out the door b/c the noise level has just gone down a notch, the grapes will stop rolling and smooshing on the floor, and the SMELL has left the building!!!

OK- that's about all the funnies I have in me tonight.  I'm tired.  Here's hoping crib night #3 goes well...wish us luck:)

Random Thought of today- I need to brush up on my facepainting skills for the next one... some were good and some...well, not so


  1. why the HELLL didn't you go when you left??? left alone - and the lady that told your kid had a poop ~ can kiss your *&%$#@!!!! HOW FRIGGIN' RUDE!!!

  2. And the cashier felt the need to ask why everything was open...ummm duh, I have children who smell and have the need to re-fill their bellies... lol