Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Regression ... Franny Girl

OK- so we were sleeping through the night for 2 whole weeks (and she was in the crib) before we went away for vacation. can absolutely throw all that out the window.  We have gone back about 10 steps and are back on the couch.  OK, so I haven't slept on the couch with her, she just won't sleep in her crib and so she sleeps next to me while I'm getting my 'down' time at night.

I go up, she goes in crip, I fall asleep, 30 minutes later, she wakes up crying, I get her, soothe her, put her down, 30 minutes later she wakes up crying, I get her, soothe her, fall asleep with her on top of me in the recliner chair in our bedroom, my neck is lopsided, but we sleep.  Yes, we sleep.  Isn't that the goal?? To get some sleep??

So, she is a horrible lone sleeper and she is helplessly attached to my boob.  I guess I will have to go with it for now.  I know, you all will tell me, yet again, to just put her in the crib and walk away.  But, I fear our time is running out and I don't know if we can accomplish this goal before school starts.  Kyra needs to be sleeping during the whole night or she will be miserable.

On to other crap- today was a better day.  Today I used and abused my in-laws.  Yes I did!!  I wanted to go to Jersey today to drop off my lens (or at least figure out if we needed to send it out and what was going on with lens).  And, because I was going to Jersey, I wanted to check out the container store and Chef Central.  And so, I decided to give the in-laws what they want: more time with their grandkids.  Because, they can't come up this weekend (boo hoo) as I'm having a bbq and they haven't seen them in 3 weeks.  So, I called, I went, I dropped and I left!!  Now, if only I had like lots of $$$$$ for Chef know I could have bought out the place.  But, I was totally restrained and only spent $12 (half of which was on coffee machine cleaner crap).  Ironically, they did NOT have what I needed:(

Container store was cool but not what I was looking for.  I'm trying to re-organize my front entryway for the start of school.  I feel like I need to just take everything away and start fresh!!  Let's get ORGANIZED ORGANIZED (as sung to Olivia Newton John).

Things my children did today: Max stuck his finger up his butt and pulled out some poop (YUCKY), Max bit DJ (and my FIL thought it would be ok to smack his hand...ummm, not your kid old man, MINE) Max had a meltdown in Walmart, Max was spitting in bed, Max threw cars at DJ while in bed... ok, perhaps today was a really bad Macky day:(

Random thought- some new books to be written in the 'aliscious' series:  Poop-aliscious, Stink-aliscious, Plump-aliscious, Boob-aliscious... perhaps these should be geared towards the parents???

Hubby 'like' today: he did meet me at Walmart even though he just wanted to go home and he did help corral the monkeys

What makes me happy: Broadway 'em

OK- another random thought for today:  All I want for my b-day is 2 tickets to Wicked.  Not so I can bring hubby, but so I can take DJ with me on the train, for pizza, and to see a live show.  I just know he would absolutely love it and I would love to spend time with him sharing something that I love!!

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  1. Where do I find the tickets and for what time? Matinee??