Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Broken bones, Broken cars and Broken dreams...'s only Tuesday night, right???  It seems like forever ago that hubby and I had our date day with another couple at a local winery (now that was fun and unexpected and a rarity in our world)

On the same day, my MIL was brought to the hospital b/c she "fell" in the grocery store and it turns out she broke her hip, shoulder and re-injured her wrist.  And so, she had her surgery today to fix everything... they had to wait until her blood count was what it needed to be before they did the surgery.  Oh, and the FIL (big huge jack-ass that he is...yes, I wrote that) is also in the hospital... ha ha, he decided that he was going to take some pills (not enough to commit suicide, but enough for him to be able to call 911 and be Woe is Me 'ish' about his wife)  Oh geez, is hubby gonna not like me writing this...but that FIL is really a complete and utter lots of words I really shouldn't say.  I mean, can't we all agree that he is what he is and actually talk about it and/or say something??  I'm tired of explaining to my kids what certain words mean after he leaves my  house and I'm tired of the things he says to his wife.  I am a firm believer that this man is a verbal abuser of his wife... and, I think verbal abuse is just as bad as physical if not worse.  Can you imagine the mentality to take it???   I know he's been 'put' on his ass before and I truly hope that MIL does it again, sells her house and comes here so she can be taken care of (yes, I did say that... but her well-being is important).

And so, now we have to figure out how to address this to our kids and what to say to them when they are constantly asking about PopPop and where he is.  Ooooof... do we tell them the truth or do we sugar coat it??  My kids are very intelligent beings and they can sense things.  They already know PopPop is not or has not been a very nice person and that they shouldn't listen to some of the words that come out of his mouth.  But, why can't we just say he's a jerk and leave it at that??

So, BROKEN CARS!!!  ha ha ha... bound to happen and I am going to assume my car may have reached it's last day in this world.  Poor Poor car:(  My first car that I bought out of college and paid off and stuff.  Hubby has been using it to commute a very far drive every day and it has accumulated over 300,000 miles.  And so, on this day, it decided to stop working while on it's way to the hospital.  And so, we get the call as the kiddies are about to get dropped off at the after school library program, groceries are still in the truck and there is absolutely no room for hubby... (I have bags/boxes of clothes on seat from this morning)... oh, and did I mention that the littles and I have been out since the big ones got on the bus this morning... but, Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off the get daddy we go!!!  Oh, and we have NO gas in the truck (lol).   Decide to have car towed to MIL and meet hubby there... we (me and the 4 kiddies) arrive about an hour and a half before hubby does (his story about the tow truck could be a whole separate entry here).  AND, there is no key to get into MIL's we sit in the car outside her house doing homework and, that was FUN!!!

OK- will keep you updated on her status...we saw her eventually and she looks as well as you can after major surgery!!

I also found out this week that one of my 'Mommy Group' friends had a major loss earlier this week.  An unexpected pregnancy turned into an unexpected joy which was dashed unexpectedly.  I do not know exactly what happened, but I do know that a small joy was dashed this week and I feel so much for the mom!!  I know so many people who have suffered from all different kinds of losses- miscarriages, invitro failures, loss of 1 embryo and than the twin, aborting halfway through b/c of difficulties, still birth, etc.  A loss is a loss is a loss.  It doesn't matter what kind of loss it is, it is still heartbreaking and heartwrenching.  I try not to cry every time I think about it as I have a bit of empathy for her...and a bit of understanding on what she's going through.  Not 100%, but enough to know that she and her family are hurting in ways you cannot imagine!!  My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family this week!!  I pray for some peace for them.

Now, I know this was a long one, but I have 3 more small things to say:

10 years ago on this day: My mother finally arrived along with my brother Dan, Aunt/Uncle/Cousin from Illinois, and my Cousin's family from Michigan.  We still did not know if my father and my brother Mike would be making it to NY.

Positive hubby thing- he is my designated driver always when we go out together!!  thx babe

What makes me happy- Goffle Grille (um, YUM)


  1. I hope Ms. Falone will be ok..

  2. Clap Clap for hubby being the DD...I sure had a great time..

    Praying for grandma and grandpa..for healing...