Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Babies Babies and Babies...

How to walk 4 babies w/one stroller...
Oh, how do I love babies, let me count the ways... but boy, is it tough to watch yours plus someone else's. There are so many things you have to take into consideration when you do watch another baby.  I can already notice some things from my own kids... aside from school starting for the big kids, I started watching a new baby (he's almost 3 mos) 3 days a week.  Baby J doesn't come regularly and/or as often as he used to so the kiddies were getting used to no other baby...
New Baby... so cute!!
Max- aside from trying to get his throwing/hitting/not listening crap under control (oh, yeah, he's definitely 3), we now have a kid who basically cries at the drop of a hat, throws himself down on the ground b/c he's not getting his way, and has become EXTREMELY clingy...  It's like taking the normal 3 year old reactions and multiplying them by 100 and you have Max.  AND, he's exhausted just like the 2 big kids... this whole getting up early regularly and actually having to get motivated and do something puts a damper on our schedule.  And so, he fights his 'rest' time during the day, stays up too late in bed, and is miserable!!  And he's so darn sensitive these days!!  And, he really doesn't want to SHARE anything... ha ha ha... gotta love 3 year olds who think the world revolves around them.  Definitely need to keep him in line..

Francesca- Oh, Franny little lover girl.  She has regressed back to infancy sleep patterns and has stopped sleeping in the crib for longer than an hour or two.  Every night I don't know where the 2 of us will wind up sleeping.  Currently, she's sleeping on the floor while I sit here and type this.  Perhaps she just isn't going to sleep in that darn crib and will just graduate to a bed soon... too bad we just don't have room in there just yet for one or I might try it (with a side rail of course)... kidding... I know she's way too young for it even though we think she's older than she is!!  She is prone to crying at my feet loudly when she doesn't want me to be doing anything else but pay attention to her or just hold her.  Silly girl!!  Her personality is totally starting to shine through and she is going to be one mischievious (sp is def wrong) little girl!!  She likes remotes and tends to put the spanish channel on when you're not looking.  I'm waiting for her to call China with the phone too:)  And she really doesn't like it when I have to hold the new baby and feed him.  Hey, who am I kidding, she doesn't like it when I cuddle with Max either...ha ha ha

DJ/Kyra- aside from their school schedule adjustment, they really don't feel the new baby b/c they aren't around when he's here.  So, we are still dealing with them getting used to school and all of their after school stuff.  Both are tired and will also cry at the drop of a hat.  DJ is resistant but starting to realize that I mean business.  He forgot his math homework at school and his science stuff for studying... he failed the first test of the year and the teacher is re-testing the whole class tomorrow.  Let's just hope that the studying we've been doing with him every other night helps him tomorrow.

But, alas, times call for Mommy to bring in some kind of income, so watching others babies and/or kids is one of those options.  It just affects us all!!  One day, it might get easier??????

Oh, and some other I am making up some cake pops to donate for a local cause tomorrow.  Thankfully I do Not have any other kiddies other than my own and can hopefully bang them out in the morning.   Pops for a Cause...perhaps I'll get some more business with this:)

Moms Night In- yes, I am hosting and I really have no idea who all is coming.  Sent a message out earlier this week and I think 2, maybe 3, are coming.  Cool- we will have a yummy sounding chicken dip and some raisin bars... at least, that's what I know...ha ha... now to figure out what I should make?? An appetizer or a solid main dish so that it will absorb some of the cocktails that will be consumed!!  Think I should make a decision soon:)  I have my 'mommy' drink finalized just not my dish.  Can't wait to sit outside and chill with some other mom's!!

Nutcracker- both big kids auditioned on Sunday for the parts in their age range... still don't know if either one of them will be in it.  I know I will be in it as a parent in the party scene.  We'll see...hopefully by friday??

Good hubby thing of the day- he did dinner dishes while I gave the littles tubby's tonight... TEAMWORK!!!  Go on Wonder Pets with your bad self...

What makes me happy- IRELAND...yeah...10/11 days until I leave:)

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