Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What to do when rained in...

Yes, we have had rain now for 4 days straight.  And yes, this comes only a week after being hit by Hurricane Irene.  And so, we have lots of water around here; inside and out!!  Today brings us no school b/c the roads are too flooded to get through safely.  And so, I have compiled a list of things you and your children can do while stranded in your oasis (posted most of this on FB earlier but here is a more comprehensive list)...

  1. Take a tube ride down your now raging river along your property (bring your own tubes)
  2. Go Mud sliding down your dirt (now watery mess) road using a mat ... Challenge your neighbors ... don't have a mat, use a cardboard box
  3. Go to top of hill and send down rubber duckies to see which one will hit the bottom of the hill first...don't have rubber duckies??  Use the bath toys that float
  4. Gather household items and try to build a boat
  5. Kiddie pool is now open... (babies will need tubes)  or you can make your toys go
  6. Make Mud Pies and throw them at each other... wash off in the raging river
  7. Siphonator Game- give each kid a straw and a very large bucket...make them suck the water and spit into buckets..  whoever fills it first wins..  if they pass out, put 'em to bed
  8. Dig a ditch Game- give each kid a shovel and see who can make the biggest pile of mud (make sure you rope off where you want your ditch to be dug so they stay there)
  9. Water Hopscotch- no chalk or driveway necessary for this one... use the puddles as your board
  10. Rock Skipping   -  No previous lake should now have one in your backyard!!
The duck wins...sorry submarine(

Raging River (normally this is bone dry)

surfing buddies in the basement...

If we do this every 30 minutes, the pool will be closed...
Rock skipping time

When all else fails, make 'em take a nap or just drink!!!

Hope you are all having a great day!!  Enjoy your extra time with your kiddies...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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