Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, September 30, 2011

No School...and a flu shot

Today we had no school.  That kinda came up on me as I completely didn't  I am starting to kinda get into a routine with Max and Franny that when the other 2 are home things are a bit hectic around here...and much much louder!!!

DJ really knows how to antagonize his little brother and that little brother just screams for no reason.  Well, I'm sure there is a good reason in his little head but today he sat in t/o every time he screamed out instead of using his words.  I know, harsh, right??  But, there comes a time when I just don't know what else to do with Max.  And so, he went to time out to think about it... ha ha ha.  For the most part, though, there wasn't too much to get mad at them for and Kyra wound up at a neighbor's for part of the day and I had to work today so our day went by very quickly... and we had a doctor's appt for Max so things definitely went by quickly.

Max has a bump on his head and we couldn't figure out if it was from a bug-bite or a bang or just some weird growth.  Turns out it was 2 bug bites in one (or that's what it felt like to doc) but was right on the skull bone so it appears larger than it really is.  I also had doc look into his mouth/throat to make sure all was well b/c of the whole choking incident.  Turns out he has some sores on his throat and perhaps that's what I scraped at while trying to dislodge the lifesaver and not that I made a scratch... Also found out that Cocksackie is going around and the sores on his throat could be part of it or not.  He didn't show any other signs of it but now I know what it is in the event he gets any rashes on his hands or feet.

While there, I made doc look into Franny's ears...just to make sure nothing was brewing b/c we are flying in a few days and I know she's been restless and cranky and has had nice clear snot flowing freely.  She was fine so we decided to give her the first dose of the flu shot to get it done before the trip.  Ha ha ha... now she is sporting a 102.3 fever...yeah!!! And she's very restless and crying out lots in her sleep.  Yes, she is back down on the floor in our living room and I will most likely leaver her there again tonight.  And, I will wind up on the couch again.  But, at least she is sleeping most nights NOT ON ME!!!  Boy is she getting heavy and I really don't think I could handle that all night long again.  Anyway...she fell asleep in the car on the way home from doc and wound up sleeping on the floor (yes, I was able to transfer her...go Mom...).  AND, the boys were actually playing quietly and nicely together so she slept for about an hour!!
While she was there, I decided to throw her birthday tutu on and take another pic... gotta love unplanned sleep pics...though, when I went to put up a sheet behind her to try and make it a real pic, she decided to wake up...oooops:(
Regarding the flu is what I learned after the fact:

What are the possible side effects of the flu vaccine?

The most common side effect of the flu shot in children and adults is soreness at the injection site. Children, particularly those who haven't been exposed to the flu virus, may develop a fever and feel achy and tired. These symptoms can last for up to two days.
Less than 1 percent of people who get the flu shot report symptoms such as fever, chills, and muscle aches. Studies show that people who get a placebo injection (with no vaccine) are just as likely to report these symptoms.
Children who get the nasal spray vaccine may develop a runny nose, wheezing, headache, vomiting, muscle aches, and fever. These side effects are mild and short-lived, especially compared with the flu.
Severe allergic reactions are rare but possible with any vaccine. See what our expert says about how to tell whether your child is having an adverse reaction.

And so, by the time this 'flu' shot wears off, I will completely disrupt her again by taking her on a plane with me to a foreign country...

Here is the full link about the flu vaccine:

BTW- none of my other kids have had a reaction to the shot...guess Franny Girl needed to be different...

Good hubby- did the dishes tonight...had to ask him but he did them w/o complaint!!

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  1. yep - fever totally normal!!!! I usually give them tylenol prior to any shot - and we get the mist now...