Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Morning Ramblings

After a day like yesterday you would think today might get a little better???  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Woke up late, almost missed the bus.  Kyra was pretty much galloping to catch the bus b/c her sneaker was tied and she couldn't get it she runs with one shoe on and one shoe half on... oh, that was funny.

BOOK SOCKS- so, what the hell are they and why were they NOT on the dam school lists??  At least let us know that we will need to cover X amount of books and be prepared.  I mean, they want us to save the environment and use our own grocery bags so how are we getting brown paper bags??  And, when you do get a brown paper bag for your groceries, they are made so cheaply these days that it is usually ripped before you even leave the store.  And so, when the stores re-stock on those book sock thingy's please let me know b/c I can't find them anywhere!!

TOW TRUCKS- I am going to be a tow truck driver and/or mechanic in my next life.  Aside from being a septic pumper outer, this seems like a lucrative business and the amounts they charge is ridiculous!!!

YES, I WORK DAMMIT!!!-  And no, I cannot take the baby I'm watching on a joy ride to NJ so that a key can be left at the broken down car that is locked AND has the emergency brake on...  ha ha ha

SHOWERS- A nice HOT shower and a good clean shave (using your good razor you've reserved for just such an occassion) can totally change your outlook on the day!!  Well, at least for a moment!!

PLAYGROUNDS- Watch those littles... ha, you never know what they might put in their mouths... yeah, I have no idea what this black stuff was in her mouth, on her hands and all over her feet/legs... and it wasn't just dirt either!!!


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