Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Getting Organized... 2 days...

YEAH!!!  It's here it's finally here... it's BACK TO SCHOOL time.  Yes, I'm excited.  And yes, I obviously can't wait.

But, what you all don't know is that I will actually miss them when they go back on Tuesday.  Because, you see, my child slaves will be gone and I will actually have to do  Guess I can't make them clean bathrooms, wash windows, sweep, wipe down tables/walls, vacuum, etc as much as I did over the summer.

So, organization in this house is never really visible.  But, I am going to start trying to get this family and house organized for the school year.  Guess I better hurry up as school starts in 2 days.  I did go out and buy a 9 cubby thingy that I hope will keep them organized with backpacks, shoes and stuff.  Now, who knows b/c now they just throw their stuff right in front of their bins.  And if I move the bin forward 1 inch the shoes and stuff wind up 1 inch further away from the bin.  Maybe I should sign them all up for basketball and they can practice with their know, making free throws into the bin???  I also have another 3 cubby system thing that I need to paint or something.  Not sure what I'm going to do with this yet...we'll see what I come up with.  I will take before and after as I try and organize...

Playroom organization.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...  Now, there's a challenge that I dare anyone to come and do... I pay with Cake Pops!!  Anyway, I think I need to just take everything out again and go through everything.  I start watching another baby 1 week from Monday and I want to really clean that room and organize it so that I can keep all kiddies/babies in that room during the day.  I'm actually thinking of moving the couch out of there but I don't think hubby would like that.  I make him watch tv in that room at night...where would he sit???  But, that couch is halfway to destroyed and my children seem to think that it's ok to jump off, flip off, jump on, do head/hand stands on, etc.  I don't know what else to do about that and now Max is doing all that stuff and getting hurt.  Again, heathens I tell you!!!

I also need to go through my kitchen cabinets and see what I use and don't use... There's so much crap in there too...  1 thing at a time, right??

At least the kids are all set with their clothes, shoes and supplies...

So, tomorrow (or should I say today) we enjoy our friends company at a Back to School BBQ.  Will be nice to round up the summer before all the school craziness begins!!  Bathroom is cleaned, pork is cooking and cookie sandwiches are done:)  Guess I should go to bed so I can finish cleaning some stuff in the morning!!

Have a GREAT night/day!!

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  1. looking forward to seeing you all....seems like i'ts been forever!