Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, September 5, 2011

Stings, BBQ and Friends...

Today we had some friends over for a nice 'Back to School/End of Summer BBQ.  Good friends and great food... what a great day to spend the day:)

It was hot and it was humid but we all had a good time (I hope you all did)... We didn't start off very good, you know.  My special DJ decided that it would be a good idea to throw rocks at a Wasp Nest we have burrowed in the ground in front of our house.  And when they came out he went running.  But, he decided that his little brother would be fine standing there as 1 Wasp stung him repeatedly.  Yes, I know, he's a boy and he's 8.  But, doesn't he know better yet??  I know he knows the nest is there and I know he knows not to bother it.  So, why??  Why would he decide to bother the nest and just leave his little brother standing there saying Ouch over and over again???  Does he even understand why this is wrong??  I'm just baffled by this child of mine and he baffles me more and more each day.  We go through days where I think he's just a normal 8 year old and then this happens and I question myself about that again.  I really wish I had some insight into his little brain, you know??
Here are some of the stings (some are from mosquitos)... there are more bites on his back and on his finger.  Poor Max:(

Other then that, I think everything else went well.  Hubby and I didn't even argue that much.  Though, I did kind of lose it on Kyra this morning... the girl just doesn't know how to pick up a room, you know??  Everything she picks up just gets shoved somewhere.  Dress up clothes get shoved behind the dress up bin...not in the bin, shoved right next to it.  And it's not just the dress up clothes.  This is how she 'cleans' her bedroom too... so, how do you get your child to learn how to clean up??  And before you say, help them and show them, I do!!  But it gets frustrating when you are constantly doing it for them or throwing their stuff out b/c they're not doing it or they go so fast they just throw stuff in random spots.  Again, I think my standards are too high??  Or perhaps we just need to take away their toys and leave them with the basics, you know??

On a good note, one of my neighbors came and made an awesome grilled veggie salad with the fresh veggies I had (from someone elses garden of course), we had my favorite homemade black bean salsa, spinach dip, pulled pork, pasta salad, baked beans, chicken and london broil.  Yummy!!  And of course some dessert:)  I tried a new thing- oatmeal chocolate chip sandwich cookies (yes, real butter cream inside)
Didn't take many pics...but here are a few of the kids playing in the ice bucket:)

Good hubby thought- today he did what I asked and though he didn't do it exactly when I wanted it, it got done and I didn't even argue with him...

Happy thing for me- making a new dessert and it coming out really really good


  1. We had a nice were so tired, in bed earliest all Summer! I actually had a chance to read my book!

  2. Looks like you had a great time..