Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, September 24, 2011

So little time... and a Mom's Night

Whew...what a couple days it's  been.  I really can't remember much of it really but here's the gist starting with Thursday morning...

Got the kids off to school...hubby stayed home so I didn't have to take the littles to the bus stop (always a good thing)... had to make up some cake pops b/c I was donating them to our school for selling (they are having a FarmAid for the local farms that lost crops)... now, try that with 2 clingy littles:(  Not so much fun.  I think I got a load of laundry in the washer (thanks hubby for remembering to bring downstairs to the dryer).  Get to the school to drop off said cake pops, pick up Kyra and head to work.  Work for an hour, bring Kyra to dance, go back to work for 2 hours, pick up dinner, pick up Kyra, drop off Kyra at home, pick up hubster, head to Back to School Night while scarfing down said dinner, head home, tired cranky Franny Girl, messy house, finish dinner, cover text books, go through DJ's homework (yes, he did forget something), fill out  missing paperwork for school, drink some wine and literally pass out on couch.  Franny girl was in her crib (silent cheers from this momma) and she slept all night!!  Yes, and I slept kinda passed out on the couch w/o

Friday morning- it's pouring and hubby went to work (usually home on Friday's) AND I had to wake Franny up!!!  That NEVER happens... boo!!  Go back home, feed littles and get my dishes done (kitchen still a mess from night before).  Oh, did I mention that first thing this morning I dumped Crushed Red Pepper Flakes into my coffee instead of Cinnamon???  We've started sprinkling cinnamon in the coffee grinds before it's brewed and both bottles look the same... no worries, I was able to scoop them out... ha ha   Baby Chase came for the day and we played the poop, feed, cry, sleep cycle for all of them!!  (see note below about Franny and crying it out..)  Chase leaves and the littles and I must get ready to go to bus (of course, this is when Max decides he wants to sit on the potty and try know, when we really don't have the time).  Still pouring!!  Go to bus-stop and decide while standing in the rain in my aqua sweats and red tank that we will just go from bus-stop to dance.  Did I mention that Franny hasn't slept all day at this point??  Hahahaha... left the littles buckled in the car while I stood under neighbors umbrella and low and behold both littles fell asleep!!  And so, they just re-affirmed my decision to leave everyone in the car while I run back into the house to change and grab everything we need!!  Kids put a movie on in the truck (see, those DVD players come in handy sometimes) and I wasted some time on way to dance.  Dj takes a jazz class (which he absolutely LOVES)  Hubby met us there (YEAH) and the rest of us went for pizza...hubby and kids go home and DJ and I have an hour break in between his classes.  Yes, he is taking a ballet class people and yes, I am NOT allowed to tell any of his friends.  So far, he has come out of those classes happy and excited and wants to show me what he's learning.  Love it!! 

Head to grocery store after all that...had to pick up some stuff for Mom's Night In...DJ completely off the wall...I think the aisles might topple over as he bounced back and forth on them!!  Get home and unload everything...try and figure out what to get done... ha ha... I started making stuff after 11pm last night (yes, I made 2 different desserts and was up 'til like 3:00...sleep is totally over-rated!!)

Up at 8 and off to work for a few hours.  Now, I should probably write a list of what I need to do when I get home!!  Hubby taking all 4 kiddies to see MIL tonight so that there are no distractions at the house when my Momma Friends get there.  I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Good hubby stuff- ummmmm, did you read above??  need I say more??

What makes me happy- Mom's Night!!


  1. thanks so much for mom and i had a great was looked great...candles real nice glad we had some mom time to chat and watch Bridesmaid! lol

  2. Sorry about the house on Thurs but Franny was VERY cranky and wanted to be held. I'm not as good at working around the house while holding 30 pounds as you are; I guess I'm out of practice.